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Local Coordinator ++ Volunteer ++ Internship ++ Spain

Say Hi to Your Local Coordinator in Spain!

Meet our local coordinator who will help make your stay in England the fullest it can possibly be!

We would like to briefly introduce the team from our partner office in Spain. Katharina, Isabel, Jose, Tine, and their Colleagues will help you in your volunteer project or internship placement and organization. They will gladly share their inside knowledge with you - and help make your time as globetrotter become the highlight of your life!

Meet Katharina in Barcelona

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Katharina - shortly called Katha - has already lived on the best surf spots in the world, e.g. in Australia and Bali. Surfing was also the reason why the native German came to Spain. She loves beaches and the waves and now she is very pleased she can find both in front of her doorstep. Katharina lives the Spanish lifestyle, which is as chilled as spiritedly and she is looking forward to sharing this with you.

Where Are You From Originally?

I am from Germany.

When Did You Start Providing Internships and Volunteer Travels?

I came to Barcelona 4 years ago and by then I started offering internships in this beautiful city.

Where Else Have You Traveled So Far?

I traveled a lot in Europe (Spain, France, UK, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal,...), I lived in Australia for one year and on Bali for 4 months, so I traveled in this area as well (New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore), I have been to the USA and Mexiko as well.

What is Your Interests in General?

Being with good friends, travelling, the ocean, taking photos, outdoor activities, sport, yoga, my dog ;)

What Do You Love about Your Job?

Bringing the experience of living and working in Barcelona to young people. During my studies, I also spent the year abroad for my internship in Barcelona and this was a great and important experience for me.

What Do You Want to Show Us about Your (New) Home Country?

That Spain is not only Sangria and Torros, its so much more...

How is Your Daily Life Going?

I wake up at 6, have a shower and go with my dog for a walk. Then I start working at 8 am ­ until 5 pm. In the evening I meet friends, do some sports, etc. On weekends we normally go hiking on the coast or in the mountains.

What Do You Do at Home to Relax Your Mind?

sleeping ;), yoga, playing with my dog, reading, calling a friend ­ actually a prefer relaxing at the beach, watching the ocean!

Outdoor Activities You Love to Do?

All kinds of water sports, running, hiking, horse­riding.

Meet Tine in Tenerife!

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If you meet Tine you'll immediately feel captured by her balanced nature. There is nothing that the German emigrant does not like about her new home or her job. She loves her family, the sun and the sea, nice people, sports and animals. That she has all this in Tenerife makes her really happy. With a lot of dedication Tine places every intern in his perfect job. She wants that you can also say 'There is nothing I do not like'.

Where Are You From Originally?


When Did You Start Providing Internships and Volunteer Travels?

I started in 2013 to support StudentsGoAbroad finding interesting places to stay and work on the island of Tenerife.

What is Your Interests in General?

The sun and the sea, be happy, be with nice people, sports, animals.

What Do You Love about Your Job?

Meet nice people and get in contact with the locals here.

What Do You Want to Show Us about Your (New) Home Country?

Show them, that Tenerife has a lot of varieties, nice places, nice people and an amazing landscape.

How is Your Daily Life Like?

I try to disconnect, see how beautiful life is and be happy about what I do have.

Outdoor Activities You Enjoy Doing?

Before I had my two children I surfed a lot and went horse riding, at the moment I don ́t have time for that, but sure I will return to do that as soon as I can.

Meet Isabel & Jose in Valencia

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Isabel and Jose like to share. Especially the pure Spanish zest for life. The two Spaniards have a lot of globetrotter experience and can't imagine a life without traveling. They love the excitement when learning about new things and meeting new people. and since you can not always travel they simply bring the different cultures to their home country. This is how you will also become a part of this pure Spanish zest for life.

Where Are You From Originally?


When Did You Start Providing Internships and Volunteer Travels?

9 Years ago

Where Else Did You Travel to So Far?

I traveled to many different countries: USA, Mexico, European Countries, China, New Zealand.

What's Your Interest in General?


What Do You Love about Your Job?

Meeting people from many different countries and learning from their different points of view.

What Do You Dislike about Your Job?


What Do You Want to Show to Volunteers about Your (New) Home Country?

Our lifestyle.

Tell Us about Your Routines?

I wake up early, sometimes I do some sports in the morning or in the evening and then I come to the office to work, to teach Spanish and I socialize with the students as well.

What Do You Do to Relax Your Mind?

Listening to music, doing sports, cooking and reading.

Any Outdoor Activities You Enjoy?

Running and Cycling.

Any Personal Plans You'd Like to Share?

Traveling to Japan and South Korea!

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