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Spain is a dream destination for interns abroad

My adventures at the NGO internship in Castellon, Spain.




Hola! I’m Rebecca, 22 years old, and from September to December 2022, I did an internship at a Spanish NGO located in Castellon, which is about an hour away from Valencia in Spain.

Luckily, I found a perfect home in a shared apartment with seven other interns in one of the most significant areas in Valencia, called Ruzafa. It’s the hippest part of Valencia, with many bars, nightclubs, cafes, and secondhand stores.

What made Valencia unique to me?

Valencia was the perfect place for an internship because it’s an Erasmus city, which means there are many internationals from all over Europe. You can easily connect with other like-minded individuals, primarily through WhatsApp groups and organized Events from the on-site team or the student network. 

They offer daily activities such as beach volleyball, dance lessons or dinners, and weekend trips to local places like Gandia, Montanejos, or different caves and beaches. Even longer trips like a Morocco tour, Andalusia or Portugal were possible. 

Rebecca during her internship abroad in Valencia

Insights into the internship

During my time in Spain, I worked with many other volunteers and co-workers. We were part of a multicultural team which was an overall great experience. TWe were offered many joint excursions, for example to Turkey or Benicassim.. 

There we took part in some trainings and enjoyed the summer time together. The work was mostly very relaxed and we had the opportunity to learn new things and participate in many different events. Some of them were in Valencia, others in Castellon or in the surrounding area.

My personal highlight was the trip to Turkey. All of us flew together from Barcelona to Turkey for a week. We had the chance to experience Turkish culture and participate in creative workshops and local projects. A lifetime experience I will forever remember.

During my internship I also made a new friend - Another German girl who was doing an internship there at the same time. Together we experienced the Spanish culture and went on trips all over Spain. Together we explored Andalusia, Mallorca and Madrid. We also went to Barcelona and some smaller cities like Saragossa, where I could learn much about Spanish culture. 

Tropical internships and volunteer projects in Valencia

Final thoughts

I would love to come back to Spain one day, and I am so glad that I had the chance to do my internship abroad in Valencia. If you ever have the opportunity to experience an internship like this, don’t think twice! ;)

Remember that there are challenges, of course, and that you will get in touch with a culture that is different from yours, so it might be challenging here and there, but in the end, it will be so worth it! My advice is to enjoy the Spanish sun, the bubbly city, and the experience to the fullest!

Written by Rebecca from Germany (Intern in Spain with StudentsGoAbroad)