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Internship abroad in Bali at a NGO High School in Indonesia

Nada's unforgettable internship as a teacher in the tropical paradise of Bali

CATEGORY: Internship abroad - Teaching

COUNTRY: Indonesia

READING TIME: 5 minutes

Dive into Nada's story about her transformative journey from Germany to Bali through an SGA volunteer program. Nada recounts unforgettable experiences, highs and lows during her work as a teacher at a school in Bali, Indonesia:

My time as a volunteer in Bali was an incredible journey of self-awareness and cultural experience. Despite challenges, I grew personally and professionally.

First day - A warm welcome

When I landed in Denpasar, I was filled with excitement and nervousness. The friendly driver and Rima, my program coordinator, welcomed me warmly and set a positive tone. My first day at the vocational high school introduced me to unfamiliar faces and tasks, but hugs and guidance from fellow volunteers and especially Christina, the volunteer leader and principal, eased my transition. The first few weeks passed slowly, but gradually I found my rhythm. Daily activities, from correcting essays to improving students' pronunciation, became routine. Over time, Christina gave me more responsibility, which allowed me to suggest ideas and actively contribute to the school climate.

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Daily activities - multi-layered roles and challenges

My role included various tasks, from correcting essays to assisting with class activities. Working with Christina to teach new topics and participating in small group discussions became second nature. My support also extended to the culinary arts and hospitality programs where I assisted with various tasks, contributing to the holistic development of the students. Despite the enriching experience, there were moments when I felt unproductive. The occasional lack of structure and language barriers presented challenges and made me strive for more involvement in teaching methods. This insight serves as valuable advice for future volunteers to ensure a more engaging and fulfilling experience.

Advice for future participants and volunteers

For those considering a similar trip, I recommend the following practical advice: Learn basic Indonesian, be open and approachable, reassure students that you are non-judgmental, communicate openly with teachers and show genuine interest and willingness to contribute to the community. Prepare for various aspects such as basic Indonesian language skills, strong English skills, friendly and extroverted behavior, the ability to assign yourself tasks, and patience.

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A personal note - My best weekend in Bali

One of my favorite memories was celebrating a friend's birthday on Halloween. Weekend-long festivities forged bonds that remain to this day. I also enjoyed the moment I went to Gili Trawangan with some friends I had met in Bali. The beaches are beautiful and it's also nice for water activities.

Closing thoughts - A grateful heart

As I conclude my story, I am overcome with gratitude for being part of the students' journeys. My time as a volunteer in Bali was an incredible journey of self-awareness and cultural experience. Despite challenges, I have grown personally and professionally. My main tip for future volunteers is to embrace the unknown, be proactive and enjoy every moment. Bali has left an indelible impression on my heart, and I hope my experience inspires you!

Written by Nada from Germany (Intern in Bali, Indonesia with StudentsGoAbroad)