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Local Coordinator ++ Volunteer ++ Internship ++ Indonesia

Say Hi to Your Local Coordinator in Indonesia!

Meet our local coordinator who will help make your stay in Indonesia the fullest it can possibly be!

We would like to briefly introduce the team from our partner office in Indonesia. Laura and Her Colleagues will help you in your volunteer project or internship placement and organization. They will gladly share their inside knowledge with you - and help make your time as globetrotter become the highlight of your life!

Meet Laura!

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Laura and Rima are pulling the strings for volunteering and internships in Bali. In their various offers, everyone will find their perfect overseas adventure. There always reigns a good mood in the office of these two lively Power Women. You will often hear loud music and boisterous laughter. You can tell that they really love what they are doing! And this is what the volunteers and interns can feel and get themselves infected with this mood.

Where Are You From Originally?

Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. Moved to Bali 8th of January 2011 after I finished my Bachelor of Humanity

When Did You Start Providing Internships and Volunteer Travels?

I started to work in September 2011.

Where Else Have You Traveled So Far?

Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, France, and Sweden

What is Your Interests in General?

good food, good music and good exercise

What Do You Love about Your Job?

I love the work environment, I love my team; they are practically my family, I love being a part of something larger that makes a difference in the local community especially in a sense of having the opportunity to witness and be a part of its growth, development, and improvement of each and every project we have have been supporting here in Bali.

What Do You Dislike about Your Job?

To be dealing with spoiled volunteers who come to Bali with hidden agenda :)

What Do You Want to Show Us about Your (New) Home Country?

How amazing Bali really is, beyond its amazing beaches, tourist attractions, nightlife- there is so much more to appreciate from its culture, traditions to local wisdom. How exceptionally special Bali means to its people and those who live here for years.

How is Your Daily Life Going?

Waking up in the morning, getting ready to work, driving up to the office to work at 09.00 am, driving back down around 17.00, if I would be in project trip I would not be at my office, I would spend half day even one full day visiting project, introducing new volunteers, monitoring current volunteers, speaking to project managers et cetera. After work, going to the beach for sunsets is always an exciting thing to look forward to every day, going to the gym afterward and getting meals for dinner out at local food stalls or traditional food markets with my good friends.

What Do You Do at Home to Relax Your Mind?

Listening to good music while drinking fine coffee or green tea, reading classic poems, always relaxing.

Outdoor Activities You Love to Do?

Yes, jogging or beach batting by the beach before sunset. Best scene after a long day of work.

Any Personal Future Plans You Don't Mind Sharing?

I will finish my Master's degree in Cultural Studies.

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