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How to Apply

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Step 1: Choose Your Program

Find Your Program

Need advice?

If you are struggling to find the right program, or you are still not sure which destination fits best to you? We are happy to give you professional advice and direct you to the most suitable travel experience for you. One of our travel experts will get in touch with you, either via phone call or email, to get to know your personality and find out about your motivations.


Register now – it's for free

If you are already interested in a specific program, you can now create your personal MySGA account. Simply login here and you will automatically be redirected. What to do with an MySGA Account? You will have access to our booking system, the fee calculator and you can start to fill in your registration form to get your application approved by one of our travel experts.


Step 2: Apply

Verify your application

Do be able to apply, you need to complete your personal data and travel preferences on your MySGA Account. We will then check your data and you will then receive an acceptance email for your preferred program. After that you will be able to complete your application/booking by paying our registration fee.

Settle the registration fee

After you have received our acceptance email, you can now finalize your application by settling the registration fee. We will then start to process and organize your travel. If you would like to cancel the process, please find a detailed policy in our terms and conditions.

Processing your application

Upon your process confirmation, we will now start to involve our team abroad. They will get in touch with you concerning all travel details. You can check the status of your travel in your MySGA account.

What does the registration fee pay for?

Secure registration, booking and availability of your program

Support from our travel advisor

Pre-departure interview

CV Check for internship programs

Comprehensive program guide

Direct contact to your local coordinator

Travel insurance advice

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Step 3: Program Placement and Travel Organization

Internship placement

Your local internship coordinator will get in touch with you to check your internship demands and preferences. You will then receive an internship offer. If the coordinator is approaching host companies according to your demands, or, if you are offered vacant internship listings, depends on the host country itself, and of course, on your desired internship field. If you wish to be placed in a very specific internship, the internship search might take a bit longer. After you have been found an internship, the host company most likely would like to conduct an interview with your via skype to explain more about the internship program and responsibilities. Of course, our headquarter team will always be there to support you.

Volunteer placement

If your volunteer program is available during your requested travel period has already been checked in Step 2. Now, that you are sure to go, you will get more information about what to bring, how to prepare and how your program will look like. Depending on the program and the country, you will either receive detailed information via email from your volunteer coordinator, via program guide or a personal skype interview.

Travel organization

If you have booked an adventure tour, a semester abroad or a language travel, your spot was already secured with your registration fee. Now you will receive all the remaining details for your travels including visa preparations and what to bring.

Step 4: Confirmation & Travel Preparation

Placement & Booking Confirmation

After you have received your internship contract, your volunteer confirmation or your booking confirmation for your adventure travel, language course or semester abroad, StudentsGoAbroad will prepare your invoice and upload it in your MySGA Account.

Balancing the Remaining Fee

If all your questions are clear and can now balance the remaining fee to finalize your booking.

Booking Confirmation

After you have balanced the remaining fee you can now book your flight. We will take care of your airport pick up, accommodation, and introduction if they are included in your travel services.