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Our Teams Worldwide

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Africa, America or Australia? Is your wanderlust calling? We know all about that feeling!

We at StudentsGoAbroad and our partners in the target countries are all curious, passionate and experienced globetrotters, just like you. Some have even fallen in love with the country of their overseas adventure and stayed.

Here we give you our inside knowledge - to help make your time as a globetrotter the highlight of your life!

The SGA-Team

  • Max - CEO

    Max is one of the founders of StudentsGoAbroad. After work you can find this proud Dad hanging out with his family or surfing some of the best spots in the world.

  • Dominic - Web Developer

    Domi is also one of the founders of StudentsGoAbroad. He love sports and just recently he has discovered his new passion, the stand-up paddling.

  • Katharina - Program Manager

    Katharina is Program Manager and will answer all your questions about the internship or volunteer project. She has lived at the best surf spots in the world, e.g. in Australia, Bali and Spain.

  • Sabine - Program Manager

    Spain is Sabine's second home! She loves the temperament and above all the pleasant temperatures.

  • Larissa - Marketing

    Larissa studied industrial engineering before she started to explore the world. Especially Southeast Asia has conquered her heart: Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Program Coordinator in Oceania