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Volunteering in Canada

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Volunteering in Canada

From 4 Weeks

All programs are available for a minimum duration of 4 weeks.

Program Start

The programs start every Monday.

English Level

The projects require good English skills.

Project Location

The projects are located in different cities across Canada.

Canada - not the typical "Volunteering Country"?

Canada is certainly not among the first 5 places that would come to mind when thinking of where volunteers are needed. The reason for this is obvious: it is not a developing country, as other "Volunteering countries" are usually defined. Canada is a modern welfare state with a low percentage of people living below the poverty line. But without the sense of national volunteerism Canada would not be what it is now. Many institutions would not work or simply would not exist. Some of the first hospitals were founded by volunteers. Orphanages and other health centers arose only because Canadians selflessly help each other and give their time and energy to others.

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Internship Positions in Canada

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3 Steps to an Internship in Canada


The first step of your registration is to contact us. Create a profile and complete your data as well as your preferences for the internship.

We will then contact you to arrange a consultation with you (free of charge).

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Arrange a consultation with us! Here we provide you with information on how far your desired internship in Canada can be implemented and corresponds to your personal goals. We are also happy to clarify further questions about the placement.

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Registration Fee

If all the requirements for your internship in Canada are met, we can start the placement process and send your application to our team in Vancouver. This step is mandatory and a certain amount of deposit is required.

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Our Services for Your Internship Placement

More questions about our service?

Details of the Range of Services

Program Information

Programs in the Wilderness

Here you work in the midst of the Canadian natural scenery! You are literally surrounded by nature! The programs are mainly concerned with the

protection and preservation of the environment

protection and taking care of the animals in Canada's wild

You should be physically fit and willing to put Facebook & Co. silent for a while. For in these remote areas, you rarely find the Internet! The programs are perfect for you if you have had enough of the hustle and bustle and want to pursue the call of the wild.

Typical tasks:


maintenance of nature trails

guided tours through nature trails

taking care of injured or orphaned animals

Programs in the City

In these programs, you work in public social institutions or with counseling organizations in the city. Examples are volunteering:

in a nursing home

in a home for the physically handicapped

in community programs that help the poor or those dealing with addictions

climate protection programs.

The internship programs in Canada are totally professional in every way, as your associated project and task field is supervised by a staff member of your host institution.

Typical tasks:


general administration

plan and perform fundraising events

graphic and web design

visits to communities

participation in excursions

Why Volunteer as an International Volunteer in Canada?

Volunteers in Canada have high priority, not only the volunteering citizens, but also the foreign volunteers. Same as in other countries you voluntarily stand up for improving the lives of others. And that is highly valued. Through years of experience with national assistance they have developed well-structured volunteer management in many institutions. Clear tasks and distributions guarantee you and the volunteer project maximum and sustained success. You'll gain so much from your experience and discover a new side of yourself. All of this while working in a breathtaking setting and on projects that let you get as close to nature as you possibly could, an opportunity that you wouldn’t have as a normal tourist.

Fast Facts

guaranteed and uncomplicated placement in Canadian charities

support charity organizations

program duration between 4 and 16 weeks

apply for your working permit directly at the airport in Canada

fields such as administration, social services, environmental and climate protection

improve your English and/or French

no previous studies required

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