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Volunteering in the Dominican Republic

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Volunteering in Dominican Republic

From 4 Weeks

All programs are available for a minimum duration of 4 weeks.

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The programs start every Monday.

Spanish Level

Basic knowledge is an advantage but not mandatory.

Project Location

The projects are located in and around Samaná.

Samaná - Your Project Location

The project site Samaná (officially Santa Bárbara de Samaná) is located in the north-east of the Dominican Republic on the Samaná Peninsula. From the capital Santo Domingo the Samaná Peninsula is within a 2-hour drive. Each year, several thousand tourists travel to the city of 108,000 inhabitants. This is not only due to the paradisiacal dream beaches, but also to the spectacle of the migration of thousands of North Atlantic humpback whales, which reoccurs annually between January and March. They spend their mating season in the Samaná Bay and give birth to their baby whales who are too sensitive for the cold waters of the north.

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Community Project in Samaná

Whether you just completed your university, study or vocational training, or just want a change to your everyday life, in Samaná every helping hand is welcomed. The community project on the Samaná Peninsula gives children of low-income status and children with special needs a chance to learn. Your work in the project can be customized depending on your abilities and interests. Some of the possible activities offered are the designing of their sports programs, art lessons, theatrical workshops, and also teaching English, or tutoring in all other academic areas. These are all an important part of the children’s daily program.

In addition to teaching in English and other subjects, the Community Environmental Protection Initiative is an important part of this project. This initiative aims to strengthen the environmental awareness of the local population. This is not just a matter of creating an awareness of waste separation, but also of showing children how to grow organic food and thus to live more sustainably. Here, too, you are let loose to run wild with your creativity. Anyone can get involved in the recycling project, recently founded by volunteers, or even create other new programs.

Support a Dominican Dental Clinic

The Dominican health system is still far from the standard of a Western health care system. Despite their setbacks, the doctors in the small dental clinic in Samaná try to treat their patients as best as possible, using the resources available to them. As a volunteer in the dentist's clinic, you can actively support and assist the doctors with treatments, depending on your knowledge and experience. A very important part of your work will be the health education regarding hygienic dental care and prevention.

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