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Testimonial ++ Internship ++ New Zealand

Hello New Zealand! 2 Sports Student on Their Internship Journey in Auckland

"The internship was absolutely perfect and working with the children was an amazing and fun experience! Every day was a new inspiration and motivation."

If You Go Abroad, Do It Properly

At the end of 2014, a friend of mine and I decided to go abroad for an internship. We relatively quickly chose for New Zealand. If going abroad, then really and you cannot go much further away from Germany. We contacted Studentsgoabroad to get support with the search for an internship and to organize the accommodation. Our internship should be in the field of sports in order to fit with our training as sports-and-fitness saleswomen.

"no day was like the other and it was always interesting. Moreover, it was great not having to sit at a desk, staring at a computer, but to be in motion. Also, we had really nice colleagues."

Studentsgoabroad supported us from the moment we registered. They helped us writing the motivation letter and CV to adjust it to New Zealand’s standards. Also, they listened to our expectations and paid attention to these when organizing the perfect internship.

We then received the first offer for an internship in one of the best swim schools of New Zealand in the north of Auckland. After a Skype Interview with the manager, it was clear that we were going to do our 3-months internship there. Studentsgoabroad and the partner organization also organized an accommodation really fast. It was a small house in which we would live with other interns from all over the world. Awesome! Thus, we booked a flight and started our way to Auckland at the end of January 2016.

Our First Days in New Zealand

After an eternal journey, we finally landed in Auckland. We were picked up by a shuttle bus and brought from the airport to our housing where our roommates awaited us and welcomed us friendly. We could get into our rooms and rest after our long journey.

Two days later, our internship started. There, we were also welcomed really warmly. The Kiwis, how the locals of New Zealand are named, are really friendly and open people. We were told about the further course of our internship, the working hours and how we are scheduled. As arranged during the first Skype Interview, we should support the swim teacher during the morning and afternoon lessons and, eventually, manage our own swim classes after a while. First, however, we had to learn as a trainee about the plans in which the kids of the different levels were taught, the guidelines of the swim school, and the swim teacher explained what we need to pay attention to during their lessons and how we should improve the kids.

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Our internship – always on the move

After the trainee, we supported the swim teacher during their lessons, took over lessons when a teacher was sick or indisposed and had our own classes that we taught on a regular basis. The internship was absolutely perfect, working with children was just great and so much fun. We enjoyed going there every day. As we were teaching different children every day, no day was like the other and it was always interesting.

Moreover, it was great not having to sit at a desk, staring at a computer, but to be in motion. Also, we had really nice colleagues. They always asked about our weekend plans and gave tips and advice on what we have to see and to do during our time in New Zealand.

Our Time in New Zealand

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Of course, we accepted most of the advice willingly. Unfortunately, three months were almost not enough to see everything from New Zealand, even though we have seen a lot. Luckily, we bought a car after the first week to explore New Zealand on our own. We thought this was more comfortable than just accepting planned offers and after our three months, we also were able to sell it again. We also contacted Monique, our contact from Studentsgoabroad in New Zealand, to ask if buying a car makes sense and what aspects we should pay attention to.

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