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Testimonial ++ Internship ++ Ireland

Unexpected Love for Dublin: Laura's Journalism Internship Story

Though planning on doing her internship in Scotland and not Dublin, Laura did not regret a second made out of her decision. She fell in love with Dublin, she found a new home.

When I decided to do an internship abroad, 10 months ago, I couldn‘t possibly know that I would fall in love right after my arrival in Dublin. I knew right away that my time abroad would be an unforgettable adventure, but that the wish to actually stay would be that great was not planned at all. Originally I tended to spent my time in Scotland, but as soon as my Google-Search informed me about the opportunity to do a journalism-internship with Studentsgoabroad in Ireland everything changed.

Immediately Felt Home

Right after my arrival in Dublin I connected with Irish improtheater-actors whose contacts I received from my already existing theater-network back home. The same night I had the chance to spent a wonderful night out and saw a show at Anseo – a Pub in the city center ( unnecessary to mention that I got hopelessly lost on my way over and therefore was way too late). I was welcomed with open arms and felt instantly home. Sharing the same crazy hobby offered me the opportunity to easily meet other people. As I got to know the Irish people I can also say in general that it felt like they were more open than the people I was used to back home in Germany. The exact kind of personality trait I loved being around and to deal with. I made similar experiences at my placement and therefore I have got to say that I love the English „YOU“. It provides you with a carefree feeling, when there is no formal German expressions like „SIE“.

My Internship Tasks

Studentsgoabroad had organized an internship in the Editorial Department of an Irish Magazine. My core tasks not only comprised research and proofreading, but also writing own pieces as well as the administrative work at the reception. I was „the new one“ within a group of interns, with which I was sharing the same situation and therefore instantly connected. Through my best friend – a German girl, that spent her gap-year in Dublin – I had the chance to get to know her Irish friends as well.

So, We Spent Weekend Evenings. .

. . . with the whole group; often at Lafayette (25 Westmoreland Street, Dublin 2) or in the No Name bar (3 Fade Street, Dublin 2). During the day I wandered through the city, following the tracks of Oscar Wilde and James Joyce. I still dream of Hodges Figgis, the 5-story book store on Dawson Street, which seemed to offer anything a reader’s heart can dream of. For real literature-freaks, I can also highly recommend the Writers-museum. March 17th was St. Patrick‘s Day! It is exactly as one can imagine. Suddenly everything is green, everybody wears green hats, paints their faces with the Irish flag as well as clovers and starts drinking during the day. Particularly Guinness is the beer to drink! As a real Ireland-fan, it is an absolute MUST to experience the festivities – except for the parade which is said to be every year the same.

So Much to Do and See!

I made several plans for trips on the weekends e.g. to Galway and Cork – unfortunately, I didn‘t pursue them because in the end I rather wanted to stay in Dublin to stroll the probably 100. time through the city center, along the Liffey, visiting Secondhand-shops or desperately looking for cozy cafés when the weather suddenly turned and the rain was pouring down. My recommendations here are most definitely Simon‘s Place in the George‘s Street Arcade as well as Restaurant Wuff (23 Benburb Street, Dublin 7) in Smithfield. One of the trips I got to undertake was my trip to Dun Laoghaire. Amazing! Also, Howth is a perfect destination for a one-day trip, especially if you love sea-fruit. They are so fresh that sometimes they even look alive. With my German friend, I also enjoyed the Ghostbus-Tour – although it was very touristic we had a blast. All my best to Sebastian, in case you are joining the tour as well ;D

Missing Dublin

I really want to thank Studentsgoabroad. I had the best internship that I could possibly have hoped for in a city which at this point seems to be as close as my own home town. I found friends who I will never forget. I miss Dublin, I miss speaking English all day long, I miss my Airbnb-roomy as well as Maddie – smartest dog alive, I miss living out of the suitcase, I miss buying Avocados for only 70 Cent, I even miss the Gaelic Announcement in the bus when we reach the last stop in Luas „Sráid na Mainistreach“. And I miss Guinness. Fortunately, there are places in Germany where you can have a Guinness too although it tastes not as good as in Ireland.

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