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Internship Can Also be Fun! : Explore Bali




Bali through the eyes of an intern. In this 11-part series of reports, our intern Nicky tells you about her internship time on the Indonesian island of Bali. In this report, she gives you important tips on preparing for your trip to Bali.

Doing an internship in Bali is like a dream come true. Imagine that your internship would be filled with a rich culture and endless explorations.

My First Scooter Ride

...backfired! Maybe you shouldn't accelerate directly without holding the brake and above all, you should already sit on the scooter. So I first ran a little bit beside the scooter before my first real ride started. Since then I have approached from time to time. Some others are perhaps a little faster. At the end of the week, I finally dared: the first ride alone to work. I was so motivated that day that I drove to Balangan Beach after work. The beach is very beautiful with its cliffs and reef, great for surfing and only 10 minutes away from my internship.

Tip: At Balangan Beach, there are daily yoga classes at 8.30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Payment is on a voluntary basis.

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Getting Out of Jimbaran!

This weekend I wanted to get out of Jimbaran. Since my scooter rides were limited to my way to work and the immediate surroundings, I ordered an Uber, the cheaper alternative to a taxi. Tip: I downloaded the Uber app for this. Uber is an online agency service for driving services. Here, the passenger is referred to private persons who drive their own car. The app is really practical because it not only shows the license plate number and the name of the driver, but also the cost of the journey and where the driver is located.

As a destination, I chose Kuta - the party stronghold of the Australians. Kuta is great for parties. But I went there during the day to do some shopping and go to the beach.

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Cocktails, Sunsets and Party!

Before the weekend, I had arranged to meet a few colleagues for Sunday evening. Tip: It should go to the Single Fin! This is a hip bar in Uluwatu. The location is located on the cliffs and one of the best spots for fantastic sunsets (as long as it's not cloudy). Every Wednesday and Sunday there is partying from late afternoon. The food and cocktails are also highly recommended. A colleague and I arrived just in time for the sunset. Afterward, we went to the dance floor, where we also met the others of our group. In the beginning, there was still enough space to dance, but after 10 pm it got so crowded that it was hard to move through the crowds. Around 11.30 pm I left with a colleague, who was also there without her own scooter. Now we only had to get an Uber. Unfortunately, the app didn't show us a Uber nearby, so we had to take the more expensive version - a real taxi. But we were really lucky and found a taxi driver with whom we could haggle very well for the price - something that is also super typical for Bali - everything is negotiated. So you should get a good negotiation strategy as soon as possible to avoid paying the overpriced tourist prices, which are of course still comparatively cheap for European standards.