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Auslandspraktikum in der Dominikanischen Republik - Bericht von einer Medizin-Studentin

Three experience reports from the medical internship abroad in the Dom. Republic - Verena's report

CATEGORY: Internship abroad - Medical

COUNTRY: Dominican Republic

READING TIME: 6 minutes

Together with her two fellow students, Lisa and Kathrin, Verena embarked on the adventure of a medical internship in the Dominican Republic. In 3 different blog entries, the three friends report on their work in the hospital and life in Las Terrenas.

Here you can find the reports from Verena's fellow students, Lisa and Kathrin:

As part of my studies in healthcare and nursing, I was given the opportunity to complete an internship abroad. Due to my strong interest in different cultures and my love of traveling, I couldn't pass up this opportunity. I therefore decided to do an internship abroad in the Dominican Republic, specifically in the "Medical Healthcare Project".

The journey begins

After a long wait, our adventure finally began. In October, I made my way to the airport together with my two fellow students. The journey went smoothly: we flew from Vienna with a stopover in Madrid and finally landed in Santo Domingo. A private driver, who had contacted us in advance, was already waiting for us there. The driver took us to the bus station and waited with us until our bus to Las Terrenas arrived. The costs for the onward journey were covered. In Las Terrenas, we were finally picked up by our coordinator, who took us to our accommodation.

The accommodation was adequate for the circumstances and perfectly acceptable. Of course, you can't expect the luxury of your own home, which is completely understandable. I have to admit that I really enjoyed this experience of living in a more minimalist environment. It shows that you can get by with less. I shared a room with my two fellow students. There is also the option to book a single room for an extra charge if this is desired.

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The local way of life in the Dominican Republic

From the very beginning, it was obvious that the lifestyle here is very different from the one at home. People are more relaxed here and everything is not as strict as in Austria, which was a bit unusual at first. People here live from day to day and don't plan anything in advance. Schedules are also not adhered to as precisely, which is known locally as "Dominican style".

The internship at the hospital

We received a very warm welcome at the hospital. We quickly noticed that the number of patients there was lower than in Austria, which led to a correspondingly lower workload. Nevertheless, this was completely fine, as it was in line with the motto: "Other countries, other customs." Dealing with various hygiene standards gave us an insight into a wide range of approaches in the healthcare sector. I consider the experience we gained during this time to be unique and an extremely valuable resource for the future, both for me personally and for my future career.

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Unforgettable adventures in Las Terrenas

Regarding the surroundings and leisure activities: Las Terrenas is located in the small province of Samaná, a headland in the north of the Dominican Republic and is described in stories as the most beautiful and safest place in the country - an assessment that I can share from my own experience. The region has numerous beautiful beaches that are ideal for relaxing, swimming and even surfing. Apart from the beaches, the surrounding area offers impressive landscapes, and a trip to the national park "Los Haitises" and the waterfall "El Limon" is definitely recommended. At the weekends, we also took the opportunity to explore the country and went on excursions to Puerto Plata and Samaná. We also explored the country on quad bikes, which we rented locally.

In summary, I can say that this time was the best experience of my life and I would recommend this adventure to anyone who has the opportunity.

Written by Verena from Austria (intern in the Dominican Republic with StudentsGoAbroad)