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Testimonial ++ Volunteer ++ Dominican Republic

Alone with Purpose: Teaching English in The Dominican Republic

Aurelia went to face the challenge of going abroad, alone, to the Dominican Republic with a solid purpose of teaching English. Still mesmerized by the experience, Aurelia shares her successes and experience to inspire you.

I don't know how to start my experience report in Samana, because there is a lot to tell. I may start with my arrival seven weeks ago. It was my first journey alone for such a long time, far away from family, friends and my home. On the way to Samaná, I had some worries about the time here, but they flew away when my likeable mom came to fetch me on the bus station. We went home and they all welcomed me with balloons and flowers. Then I met the other volunteers and we made friends immediately. After my first week I was beat-up, because of the heat and the work.

My Tasks and Achievements as an English Teacher Volunteer

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My task at work was to teach the children in a special school. The most of them have difficulties to concentrate or are disabled in a mentally or physically way. The kids demanded so much from you during the class, but after seven weeks I assert that some of the kids made an effort. This is so lovely that you can see that you reached something, that you were able to make a little change during the short time. And not only that kids were grateful to attend the class but also their parents, we especially the volunteers got a good feedback, which also made me proud. My second workplace was in the hospital, where I teach the doctors English. Sometimes it was hard, because they were not on the same level, but anyway it worked! All of the doctors are strained to learn something and I noticed an effort, too!

Weekend Trips!

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On the weekend was time to relax and to travel, which was maybe the best part here in the Dominican Republic. My highlight here was Jarabacoa, it's a town in the mountain (actually at the height of 2000 ft.), we stayed in a such a beautiful hostel, went paragliding and horse riding!

Thank You, Samana! :)

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I had such a good time, thanks to my host family, the volunteers and the kids. A special gratitude to Manfred, Julia and Yunior, the leaders of the organisation ADP.

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