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Testimonial ++ Volunteer ++ Indonesia

My Time in Bali - Volunteering for a Preschool in Nusa Dua

If I had to put my time in Bali into words, the word beautiful would probably appear in every sentence, because that's what Bali is all about, the landscapes, the beaches, every little detail.

Bali is a dream and I am glad to have experienced it. Not only because of the beautiful places, which could not be more paradise-like but also because of the nice people here. Rarely you meet such friendly, warm, open, and relaxed people as in Bali. Even those who live in a small wooden hut, with only the bare necessities, seem to be so much happier with their lives than some Europeans. For me very inspiring, like so many experiences in Bali, of which I could take a lot with me.

Altogether I spent 2 months in Bali. In the first one, I concentrated mainly on discovering the island and enjoyed long scooter tours through beautiful landscapes. If you think Bali is overcrowded with tourists, you only have to get on your scooter and drive east or into the mountains, because this is another highlight on Bali: the great variety you can take with you in such a short time, because Bali really has everything to offer. From lonely beaches, coral reefs that are perfect for diving, the idyll at the lake Batur, the artistic and alternative city Ubud with its monkey forest, the rice fields, over the party metropolis Kuta, to casual surfer parties at the beach. Not so forgotten is also the excellent food on Bali, which is a central part of the day here.

In my second month, I started my project in the pre-school in Nusa Dua. It was a great experience because on the one hand you could help the children as well as the teachers in English and you really noticed how useful this is and how grateful they are for this help and on the other hand because you learn a lot about the culture, people and language. The work with the children was an enrichment and I left school with a smile every day. I also learned one thing: No matter how different the country, culture, and people want to be, children are children all over the world and that is a good thing.

In addition to our lessons, we canceled school in the afternoon and came up with a different theme for each room.

We also got along very well with Susan, the headmistress of the school, and she showed us some Balinese specialties in between and also the fish market in Jimbaran.

When I talk about us, I mean the other volunteers. Great people from different places, whom I met in the student villa and in the school and with whom I could spend a lot of nice days and also excursions since then. You can laugh together, discover new things, give each other tips and much more, which makes everyday life here all the more enjoyable.

In summary, I can say that I had a wonderful time in Bali and in my project, from which I could take a lot with me and which I will never forget.

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