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Volunteer projects in

Bali at a glance

Duration: 4+ weeks

Most of our volunteer programs in Bali, Indonesia are available for a minimum duration of 4 weeks

Start: Every week

Our volunteering cycles start each Monday. With SGA you have maximum flexibility.

Project language: English

Basic English skills are required. Speaking a few words of Indonesian is always appreciated, as well.

Location: Bali, Indonesia

You will volunteer in Bali, specifically in Ubud and the southern part of this magical island.

Volunteering in Bali - Here's why.

Every year thousand of tourists are attracted by the magic of the small holiday island of Bali. Tourism has been booming for more than 30 years and is an economic blessing for the local people. But there is still plenty of work to do, to improve the life of Bali's beautiful environment, its local species and some of the less fortunate children. By choosing to volunteer in one of our many inspiring and unique social projects in Bali, you can have the best of both worlds - Meaningful work and a tropical paradise right at your doorstep. Here are our top 4 reasons for volunteering in Bali:

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Impactful volunteer work

Volunteering in Bali can create positive impact by supporting community development and conservation efforts. It's the perfect chance for volunteers seeking to make a difference.

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Stunning Natural Heritage

Rice terraces, Jungle, and countless beaches. As a volunteer in Bali you'll be able to immerse yourself in the island's stunning natural beauty, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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Rich culture and tradition

Bali's deeply rooted cultural heritage and traditions make it an exciting destination for volunteers. While volunteering abroad, you will engage with the local people and their customs like never before.

Bali is a top destination to volunteer abroad

Top volunteering destination

Bali stands at the top of the list for many volunteers. Here you'll find captivating natural beauty, rich cultural experiences, impactful volunteering opportunities, and many friends along the way.

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Why you can rely on us

We at studentsgoabroad have been supporting volunteer work in Bali for a long time and are proud to say, that we have a track record that you can trust. As one of the top placement agencies in the world you can focus on the amazing experience of volunteering abroad. Here are our six reasons why we at SGA are the right choice for you:

Specialist for Volunteering in Indonesia since 2004

Recognized and Proven Volunteering Programs

Most Affordable Internship Agency

Individual Advice & Preparation Assistance

Reliable Project Coordinators in Bali

Introductory Programs On-Site (Orientation)

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Ask all your questions!

Looking for a volunteer project on your own can be tedious. Is the project reputable? Where is it located? Our consultants will guide you through the process!

The registration process

Three steps to volunteer in Bali


Create your profile

The first step is to create a profile and add your preferences for the internship. The travel details during the registration are non-binding and serve us as a first orientation. Also, no payment is necessary for this step!


Book free consultation

Next, you can schedule your consultation with us! Here we will answer all questions, and provide you with information on how your desired internship experience in Bali can be realized. Of course this meeting is free of charge!


Secure your placement

Once all the requirements for your internship or volunteer service are met, we can start the placement process and send your application to our team in Bali. This step is mandatory and a deposit is required.

Transparent service from start to finish

Our StudentsGoAbroad support, as well as the local contact team will be there for you every step of the journey. Here’s what you can expect from us through all stages of your volunteer work in Bali:

Only with StudentsGoAbroad will you get a service, that checks a whole range of conditions, before you have to pay anything. That's part of our quality of service promise at SGA. Before you make your down payment you will receive from us:

  • Validation check before registration whether your internship is possible

  • Application folder check (included)

  • Intercultural briefing

We know that planning a volunteer experience can be stressful. But don't worry, that's why we are here every step of the way! Before your arrival at your internship / volunteer destination, you can expect the following service from us:

  • Individual placement of internships with regard to subject, duration and time

  • Contact person of our local partner organization during the entire preparation phase for your internship abroad

  • Creation and processing of the contract between you and the company

  • Assistance with visa formalities

  • On request, an arrangement of a language course or organization of accommodation

  • Information about cheap flights, insurance, vaccinations, and other important travel information

New country, new environment - As soon as you arrive at your internship / volunteer destination life will feel like it is coming at you with 100 kilometers per hour. And that's why our services "on your arrival" will make sure you have an easy and comfortable start to this amazing journey that you have decided to embark on. Among other services you can count on us to do the:

  • Organization of the transfer to your accommodation

  • Presentation of a welcome package (depending on location)

  • Detailed information about the respective city and surroundings

  • SIM prepaid card for your mobile phone (depending on location)

  • Information documents on various leisure activities

  • Tips for using public transport

Regardless of whether you will stay two weeks, two months or even longer - During your stay abroad you will have a million questions, a multitude of things on your to-do-list and despite all of this time will feel like it's just flying by. And here are some good news - Our services don't end with you getting to your destination. Also during your stay we are there for you, with the following services:

  • Competent contact persons on site

  • Accompaniment to the company on the first day of the internship

  • Advice on the extension of the visa

  • Newsletter about events in your city or surroundings

  • Organization of trainee meetings

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