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Internship in Valencia : Ever Thought of It? Take a Look!

Valencia is one of a few great choices to have your internship professionally and enjoyably done! Take a quick read for a couple of facts!

Valencia is an excellent choice for a professional internship placement! Situated on the east coast of Spain, it provides the right place for relaxation at the beach and vivacious traditions. In addition, many companies and institutions of all kinds of branches offer professional internships. Even niche sectors as molecular biology and bio technology open their doors for your practical oriented working experience abroad!

The Hottest on the Branch


Event management


Medical Studies

Human Rights

Sport Marketing

Sport Consulting

Finance Consulting

Steamy Facts!

Internships period available starting from 4-weeks!

Professional Internships with unquestionable quality

Various Internship Branches and Positions

No Spanish Skills required

Many Internship Branches

Combine Spanish language course and internship

Valencia offers great clubs and bars for young people and had also a broad cultural range. The Oceanografic and the Bioparc are interesting for animal lovers and the beach is recommendable for many people in the summer. It was also a good starting point for travels (either going to the surrounding cities by train or taking the plane to cities all over Spain).

- Franziska, intern in Valencia

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