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Testimonial ++ Internship ++ USA

New York: Where the Sky Has No Limit, Where Internship Knows No Impossibility

Internship in New York, USA, seems impossible but it is not. More effort may need to be taken, but it would definitely be worth the position.

" For a long time I had been dreaming of doing my internship in America, soon, my dream came true."

Visa Shock!

I did some online researches that came up with tons of negative reports and feedbacks against such agencies, so I contacted Students Go Abroad very hesitantly, and was quite shocked by the positive outcome and experience. I could always reach the contact person in Germany very easily, and their colleagues in the US were friendly. The wish to get a paid internship did not work, but my dream to work in NYC did! There was a delay during the Visa process so I only got my visa two days before my flight. In the end, everything worked well so I could start my internship in NYC on time!

From Brooklyn to New Jersey

At first, I lived in Brooklyn, by the Bedford Stuyvesant; but I personally wouldn't recommend that. The crime rate was pretty high in the district and that's why I decided to move to New Jersey city, only after two weeks. In New Jersey, I shared a flat with four other people for 'only' $1075 a month. New Jersey is a great alternative to living in New York because the living situation is better, as well as the rental and grocery expenses.

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My Internship

I commuted to my workplace by the 'PATH' (Port Authority NY/NJ) and by the subway that would usually take me 45 minutes. I worked in an advertising agency on the 35th floor of a skyscraper in the heart of Manhattan. My main task was Market Research that includes Competition Analysis and Target Audience Determination.

The Beautiful Beaches of NYC

I spent most of my free time on the beautiful beaches of NYC. I had never thought of beaches and New York before I actually experienced it myself, but in my opinion, it was one of the best things about it. Only half an hour away from Manhattan is the beautiful Long Beach in Long Island, but also the Jacob Riis Beach in Brooklyn is a nice refreshment during the hot summer months when the temperature is often more than 30 degrees Celcius.

There are so many activities you can do in the town too, besides the beaches: Bars, Clubs, Parks. My little insider tip; rent a kayak for FREE at the Hudson River, peer 26, every Sunday. At the Hudson River, you can also find the 'Honorable William Wall', a bar that can only be reached by taking a small boat. Next, you have to make sure to visit all the sight-seeing spots. I had been traveling quite a lot as well, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Washington D.C, and the Niagara Falls because the gas as well as domestic flights are very cheap.

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In general, I want to advise everyone to at least try doing an internship in the US, especially New York. I learned so much, in personal and professional matters. The placement service done by Students Go Abroad was also very good. I can assure you that they are reliable and legitimate.

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