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Testimonial ++ Internship ++ Ghana

Johanna's Testimonial : Nursing Internship in Ghana - What Not to Expect?

How does the work as a nursing intern in Ghanaian hospitals like? How about the hygienic standards in Ghana in general? What is there to and not to expect?

I have completed my nursing internship in a hospital in Ho, Ghana. The regional volta hospital is really big and I had the chance to experience various departments. Unlike in Germany, the patients are accommodated in open rooms or hallways, but not in rooms. Most of the departments are separated into 3 hallways. Which hallway a patient has to go, depends on the illness. Even if the institution is old and not very comfortable, the standard of hygiene and the treatment of the patients equals to our European standard.

Just as is life, also work runs in slow motion in Ghana. Many times we just sat there having nothing to do. Or we waited 2 hours for the surgeon to arrive. All of the doctors are very friendly and made every effort to reply to all my questions, especially in surgery and the dental clinic. I was allowed to observe all surgery such as c-sections or tumor surgeries. Even though I couldn’t help a lot, I learned so much by observing.

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Travelling in Ghana

During weekends I traveled to the most beautiful sights in Ghana together with the other volunteers. Rainy treks to waterfalls, boat tours on the Volta lake, visiting the national parks, you name it. Ghana has so much to offer and worth to see. If you want to travel to Ghana you shouldn’t be afraid of contact or suffer from claustrophobia! The Trotos, buses, and taxis are so packed that you would need to share your seat with another passenger or even two. Patience should also be one of your strengths. Trotos only start their journey if they are fully packed. If you are too early or too late, you may have to wait 1 or 2 hours for departure. Bigger buses have a fixed time schedule, but they are barely on time either.

"My personal advice would be not to have a plan; just go with the flow! You will always get where you want to go, but you'll never know how long it might take."

Taxis don’t have an odometer, you will need to agree upon a price with the driver before you enter the vehicle. But there’s a catch: most taxi drivers know that travelers have no clue how far it is to the next destination and what are the normal transportation fees. They will take their chances when they can and offer a higher price. If you can bargain, then do so.

Looking Back at My Time in Ghana

Ghana is a developing country and life’s just different than in Germany. We are used to different living standards and we get to feel that in almost all aspects of Ghanaian life. However, I have felt home since the very beginning. The locals are open-minded and uncomplicated, living is easy. Looking back at my time in Ghana I have made loads of new experiences and had unforgettable adventures. I am happy that I took the chance to travel to Ghana. I had a great time and I will always remember the beautiful experiences I have made.

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