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Testimonial ++ Internship ++ Ireland

Why I Highly Recommend You to Do Your Internship in Ireland! : an Intern's Story

"I have been in Ireland for about a month now and time has really flown by! Currently working as an intern in a Global NGO in Dublin, I was faced with topics of Corruption and how to fight against it."

Guinness and Bad Weather: About Ireland's Stereotype

I probably arrived in Ireland at the worst point in time possible: the country was experiencing its worst snowstorm since the 1970s. Yet, besides the rather rocky start, the country didn’t fail to amaze me right from the start. The Irish people are very warm-hearted, open-minded and incredibly helpful. Even the weather isn’t as bad as everyone always says. Although it’s cloudy most of the time it doesn’t rain that often and when the sun shines the whole city is waking up from its beauty sleep and everyone is spending time outside. Moreover, what I like the most about this country are the pubs. I have always been a really big fan of Guinness and Irish pubs in general. Yet, none of the pubs I’ve been to around the world can keep up with the real Irish pubs here. The beer tastes 1000 times better and the atmosphere is unbeatable.

St. Patrick's Day in Dublin

I was so happy I was able to be in Dublin during St. Patrick’s Day. The coolest thing about it: the German TV station Prosieben followed me around that day for a TV report for one of their shows called taff. The day started with us watching the famous parade around town. Afterward, we went to the well-known neighborhood Temple Bar which is a tourist as well as a pub hotspot in Dublin. Everyone was in a great mood and people joined the celebrations from all over the world. My friends and I did a pub crawl and the mood got better and better during the course of the day. It really was an unforgettable day!

The Country of My Dream

The most beautiful thing about Ireland cannot only be seen in Dublin but also the immediate surroundings of the city. Sometimes I forget that I am actually living on an island and that the coastline is very near. I can officially say: Ireland’s nature is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! It’s crazy how easy it is to dive into a completely different world just by taking a train for 20 minutes to go outside of Dublin. I have already done some trips around this area and liked the small fishing village Howth, which is located just outside of Dublin, the best. Moreover, I have already planned trips to Galway, Ring of Kerry and Cliffs of Moher for the next couple of weeks.

All About My Internship

Even though I could continue talking about how beautiful Ireland is forever, I should not forget about the main reason why I’m here: my 5-month long internship in Dublin! As a political science student, I am very happy to be able to work in a very dedicated, international NGO. The organization’s main focus lies on corruption which is a very interesting and fascinating topic to me and I’m constantly learning new things about it. Usually, I don’t really have a typical workday since every day is so different from the other: on some days, I am picking up the phone of the client hotline which the “whistleblowers” call, answer their emails or do legal research. On other days, I support the helpline coordinator or the CEO by doing administrative tasks and am managing specific cases even on my own! The whole team is very helpful and sweet to me and I love coming to work here every day.

Experience You Shouldn't Miss

I can definitively recommend to everyone to come to Ireland at least once. I fell in love with this country and am so thankful that I can stay here for a longer period of time. In general, it’s an awesome experience to live abroad because I have already learned so much about myself. That’s why I urge everyone to be brave and do an internship abroad!

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