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Testimonial ++ Volunteer ++ Africa

Here I come Africa : 4-Weeks as a Teacher Volunteer in Nairobi

Has always wanting to get involved in the humanitarian act, Isabelle finally went to Nairobi to make her dream come true. This is her story.

I always knew that I would like to travel to Africa as a volunteer, but the question was when is the right time? I made my decision quite suddenly. There was still some time left between my graduation and my studies. So I started searching for a suitable organization on the internet. I already know what kind of volunteer work I wanted to do in which country. I came across StudentsGoAbroad and saw, that they offered exactly the project that met my needs. Furthermore, the organization also looked serious to me. My big adventure could start.

One Sunday evening I ended up landing in Nairobi and was warmly welcomed by my guest-father and his children. Despite the dark landscapes that I could see during my way to the guest family’s home I could still get a glimpse of in what kind of living circumstances the people live in Kenya and what I have to expect. This literally was a shock for me and wasn’t easier to make myself comfortable as the living is so much different from what I am used to back home in Germany. But I always felt quite comfortable with my guest family and all the doubts that appeared during the first days just disappeared.

The volunteer work with the kids was a wonderful experience, every day. The children were incredibly happy that I have been teaching them for a few weeks and they were outstandingly friendly and helpful. The collaboration with other teachers of the school went well and I have always felt very safe and welcome.

I also realized from the first day that my support was urgently needed. It doesn’t require a lot to make the people a little bit happier and make the children smile. This was the best gift during my stay abroad.

After the first two weeks, I traveled for a week with my guest father across the country. We traveled from Lake Naivasha to Masai Mara to Kilimanjaro and then finally to Mombasa. There is so much to discover in Kenya, I can especially recommend joining a safari. The animals that can be seen in the wild cause an indescribable feeling and Mombasa is also worth a visit.

In general, a lot of things are possible but it sometimes requires a lot of time and patience. It would surely take some more pages to describe all my experiences and impressions.

But finally, it remains to say, that it was a wonderful stay abroad that thought me a lot of things. I would repeat it every time.

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