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Testimonial ++ Internship ++ USA

From German to Vegas Baby! : Tourism Internship in Las Vegas

"By now, I've been living in the USA, specifically Las Vegas, Nevada, for more than 9 months. This is the first time I decided my path independently, and it's worth it!"

Life in the US

I must confess that it took quite some time to get used to the American lifestyle since the culture is so different compared to the German one – especially the working environment follows different rules. But I think that's what makes this experience so worthwhile and I appreciate a few things from home more than before I left. I’ve learned so many amazing things like dealing with people from different cultural backgrounds. My office is very international: We have people from the US, Mexico, Brazil, Russia and from all over Europe working together, therefore I was able to get a glimpse not only into the American culture but also on various traditions from all over the world!

I took the chance to inform myself about the current political situation and got the opportunity to hear and discuss both sides – the Democrats’ and Republicans’ point of view. Talking a lot about the current “Administration”, I collected many new impressions and after all, it became more and more important to me to listen to both sides and to not make hasty conclusions.

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The holidays in the US are totally different from ours. Shops are open 24/7 and especially on holidays like Black Friday, they offer a lot of discounts. Due to that, people usually have to work in long shifts and, hence, cannot celebrate with their families. For the majority of the American people, the 4th of July, Halloween, and Thanksgiving are more important than Christmas or Easter holidays. Nevertheless, religion is still very important and therefore cursing and swearing on TV is a No Go!

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Vegas, Baby!

Talking about my stay in Las Vegas, I must admit that this city was not really my first choice. The weather is incredibly hot in summer (between June and September always above 35°C). Vegas is located in a valley, surrounded by mountains and beautiful seas. After I spent some time in this city, I started to enjoy Las Vegas more and more.

What’s best? Definitely the cheap living expenses compared to California or New York.

Additionally, Las Vegas is located very central with the opportunity to reach the following cities and attractions within four hours:

Los Angeles, San Diego, Universal/Disneyland, Grand Canyon, Mexico, Zion N.P., Bryce Canyon and a lot more! Many thanks to the cheap airlines for inland flights which allowed me to travel to Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami and New York.

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I am living in a shared flat with another company intern from Ukraine, an American girl, and her three dogs. After work, there was plenty of time for activities. My colleagues and I often went out for dinner and discovered the cities around us. We also went to the cinema and on weekend trips. Due to my daily use of English, my language skills have improved a lot and are still getting better day by day.

The main reason why I decided to go to the US was to become independent. I simply wanted to challenge myself to see how I could survive being miles away from home. After numerous walks to the Social Security Department, the DMV, and my “solitary” life, I am glad to finally have achieved my target, even though I sometimes felt a bit homesick.

Although Las Vegas is a fascinating city, I am looking forward to returning home, especially to the German food! ;)

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I would do everything the same way again because what I’ve learned so far is that such an exchange enriches your life in so many unexpected ways. I have become more tolerant, open-minded, independent and brave.

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