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Why is it Important to Learn English?

Do you know that English is spoken by 1.8 billion people worldwide, of whom 380 million are native speakers.

English is the official language in 53 countries and 75% of all letters and postcards in the world are written in English.

30% of the books published annually and more than half of all daily newspapers worldwide are published in English.

Not to mention, nearly all international conferences and competitions are conducted in English.

English as the Most Important Language in The World

As you can see, English is the most important language in international communication, science, business, entertainment, technology, and diplomacy. Even everyday life is now dominated by the English language. Anglicisms are becoming increasingly influential and gradually shaping the German language into the well-known Denglisch. It is therefore important that you can also speak well English.

Where Can You Learn English?

If you want to improve your English skills significantly, it is best to take a language course in an English-speaking country. Only here you are surrounded by the English language 24/7 and can immerse yourself optimally in it. Whether you are attending your English language course with students from all over the world or just going for a walk in the city - the English language will be with you around the clock. So take the opportunity to speak with native English speakers in your dream country as often as possible. With so many ways to use your English language skills in everyday life, you will be surprised at how quickly your English skills will improve through a language course abroad and how quickly you can suddenly order your drinks in English in the restaurant.

Australia, Great Britain

Ireland, Canada, New Zealand

Singapore, South Africa, USA

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