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Terms and Conditions

StudentsGoAbroad is a product of Lumen Media Pte. Ltd. and offers mediation services into the travel services of second-party organizations. The following terms and conditions apply for every participant using the mediation services of StudentsGoAbroad.

Terms and Conditions

Please read the Terms and Conditions of StudentsGoAbroad (SGA) - an organization of Lumen Media Pte. Ltd. carefully before submitting your online application. The following terms and conditions apply for every participant using the services of SGA.

§1 Contracting Parties

1.1 SGA, located with the headquarter in Singapore (Registration Number 201436398R), and the participant are the sole parties to the contract for the provision of the placement services into a program abroad.

1.2 If the participant is demanding other services which are not part of the service range of SGA as insurances, vehicle rentals, accommodation, flights, visa, etc., the contract is between the selected service provider and the participant only.

1.3 In some cases the participant will receive an additional contract from our partner organization, which confirms the successful placement into one of their programs. Our partner and you are the sole parties to the contract/ confirmation. SGA is only responsible for the mediation service and errors caused by SGA. Liability is precluded for simple negligence. The participant herewith agrees that the partner organization is according to §4 the actual contractual partner for all services provided within the program itself.

1.4 The participant must have reached the age of 18 by the beginning of the program abroad (except language travels).

§2 Completion of the Contract

By clicking on the checkbox beside the phrase 'I have read and agree to the SGA terms and conditions' the applicant agrees to these terms and conditions. The contract is valid after we have received and confirmed your registration fee. SGA cannot fully guarantee that the applicant will be placed in the specific program as stated in the application. The mediation into an alternative program does not mean that SGA is not performing the services as defined in the contract.

§3 Object of the Contract

The main subjects of this contract are placement services and the current service package of SGA at the contracting time. The placement service package can be looked up at the web presence The services offered may vary according to the countries or specific demands of the applicant.

§4 Performance

4.1 The service included in the programs can be looked up at However, SGA cannot guarantee that the information online is up to date. The current services of the partner organization apply. The partner organization also reserves the right to change the services included in a program at any time without notifying the participants. SGA and its partner organizations are not liable for unintended shifts in program dates.

4.2 SGA only mediates participants into programs abroad of third-party service providers or third party organizations abroad. Thus, we are only responsible for the mediation service itself, but not for the services performed by the third-party partner.

4.3 All program proposals and offers are based on the information of the partner organization or program coordinator abroad. SGA is not liable for this information.

4.4 SGA has no influence on any factors that may cause a change of program presented on this website. This especially applies to volunteer projects abroad. Volunteer projects are no touristic venture. Participants who agree to volunteer to acknowledge and accept the responsibilities and risks that are associated with their travel and stay abroad in the host country.

4.5 If the partner organization does not perform its services as agreed upon in the sub-contract, or the participants decide not to use the services offered by the partner organization and SGA understands the reasons why SGA will endeavor to request a refund from the partner organization. However, we cannot guarantee to receive any refund. In addition, we will not start any efforts to request a refund for the participants if the request is irrelevant or not possible due to the external policies of other authorities or institutions. The registration fee of SGA is in no event refundable when the participant is requesting a refund after the start of the program abroad.

§5 Mediation and Booking Procedure

SGA will start its booking services after the application was successfully submitted online and the receipt of the registration fee from the participant has been confirmed to the participant. Depending on the participant’s request, the participant will receive one program offer at least. If the participant refuses to agree to this first offer, a second offer is possible.

§6 Confirmation

6.1 The program abroad contract is a separate contract between the participant and the partner organization performing the service abroad.

6.2 This contract has to be signed by the participant and sent to SGA via e-mail or uploaded to the online account.

6.3 The program confirmation sent to the participant via email (eg. internship contract, language travel) is considered a successful booking/placement into one of our programs.

§7 Registration Fee

7.1 All programs attract a registration fee on top of the program fee. The registration fee of each program differentiate and are listed on the web presence or in the online account of SGA.

7.2 After completing the online application and accepting the terms and conditions of SGA the participant can pay the registration fee as set out on our website (herein referred to as first payment).

7.3 The payment of the registration fee confirms an applicant's acceptance onto one of the SGA programs abroad. The registration fees are not transferable to other persons.

7.4 The registration fee will not be refunded as soon as we authorize your program with your consent and forward it to our office abroad. SGA retains the registration fee as a processing fee.

7.5 Transfer fees of banks or payment providers (e.g. PayPal) has to be paid by the applicant.

§8 Program Fee

8.1 Details of the program fees are listed on the web presence or in the online account of SGA. The program fee covers the fee of SGA as well as the fee of the partner organization. All fees are accurate at the date published. The fees which are online at the date of the online application apply for the contract.

8.2 The program fee (herein referred to as second payment) has to be paid after the participant has received the program confirmation or contract (also via e-mail). The participant will receive an invoice for the program fee from SGA, which is due 14 days after receipt and before the start of the program abroad. If the participant has not paid the full program fee to the day of departure, the participant will lose his/her service claim on the partner organization.

8.3. After the full amount has been paid, SGA and its partner organization will proceed with their services.

8.4 All program fee payments attract a 5% international banking fee (transaction fee) to cover banking fees and currency charges. This amount is added at the point of payment of each program fee.

§9 Withdrawal Policy

9.1 If a participant withdraws from the program within 14 days cancellation period, SGA will stop the placement process, delete all personal data and refund the full deposit. Only withdrawals in the form of airmail, fax or email with indicating the reasons are accepted.

9.2 If a participant withdraws from the program at any stage, as SGA and its partner organization has already started processing the application with the explicit participant’s affirmation, the registration fee will not be refunded.

§10 Cancellation Policy

10.1 Cancellation for Internship and Volunteering

Cancellation before successful program placement:

If the participants withdraw from the program before the contact with the partner organization has been established, a part of the deposit will be withheld for administrative efforts (administration fee of 90 USD).

After direct contact between participant and partner organization abroad has been initiated by Studentsgoabroad, the participant will not be refunded the deposit.

Cancellation after successful program placement:

The full program fee is due and will not be refunded.

In a few exceptional cases, Studentsgoabroad is authorized to waive part of the program fee.

Cancellation after the beginning of the program:

The program fee will not be refunded.

In a few exceptional cases, Studentsgoabroad is authorized to waive part of the program fee.

Note: If the participant wishes to shorten the program, the participant has to consult the program coordinator and report to Studentsgoabroad. A refund of the remaining fees is not possible.

10.2 Cancellation for all other programs abroad (e.g. language courses, adventure travel, etc.)

The participant can withdraw from the booking and program any time but SGA charges a cancellation fee which depends on the number of days before departure. The deadline for the calculation of the date is the receipt of the participants' resignation at SGA. The following cancellation fees apply for all programs abroad:

up to and including 90th day before departure 20%

thereafter up to and including 60th day before departure 30%

thereafter up to and including 30th day before departure 60%

thereafter up to and including the 4th day before departure 80%

afterward until the start of the journey or 90% on non-travel

Note: If the participant wishes to shorten the program, the participant has to consult the program coordinator and report to SGA. A refund of the remaining program fees is not possible. Concerns only internships abroad: No participant is entitled to receive any payment during the internship or volunteer program. Unpaid programs are no plausible cause of cancellation.

§11 Entry documents

The participant is solely responsible for the visa application and other documents required for entering the country. If the participant is not entitled to receive the visa, is being rejected or does not receive the visa in time, the participant has to bear all additional travel expenses or cancellation fees in case of withdrawal (see §10). It is the responsibility of the participant to carry all necessary documents when traveling abroad.

§12 Termination

12.1 SGA is authorized to terminate the contract on special occasions and without setting a deadline if the participant is showing inappropriate behavior which has a negative effect on the placement procedure. StudentsGoAbroad defines a behavior as being inappropriate if the participant does not reply to the emails or withholds information relevant to the placement procedure. The deposit will not be refunded in this case as allowance for our services

12.2 SGA is authorized to terminate the contract prior to a successful placement/booking if the participant is rejecting 3 program offers. The registration fee will not be refunded in this case as the allowance for our services.

12.3 Concerns only internships abroad: SGA is authorized to terminate the contract prior to a successful placement if the participant has been rejected by host companies during the placement procedure due to insufficient skills for the requested internship. The registration fee will not be refunded in this case as an allowance for our services.

§13 Deficient Program Placement

13.1 The participant has to request immediate remedy from the partner organization if they do not perform the services as mediated by SGA. In this case, SGA is willing to mediate between both parties, even though it is not obligatory. The liability of SGA is excluded in this case.

13.2 The participant has to report complaints to the partner organization directly and to SGA. Only in this case, SGA can mediate between both parties. The participant has to grant an appropriate time-frame in agreement with SGA, which gives the partner enough time to remedy shortcomings.

13.3 Basically, it is possible to change the program one time, if the participant cannot stay within the first program under certain circumstances. Hereby, the participant has to grant an appropriate time-frame in agreement with SGA, which gives the partner enough time to arrange a program change.

13.4 If a change in program is not possible, as the expectations of the participants as inappropriate as stated in §4 .4., SGA is entitled to refuse to offer another program. In this case the participant as no right to claim indemnity.

13.5 If the accommodation arrangement is inadequate for the participant or if the participant wishes to move out prematurely, the participant must go directly to the partner organization and the landlord on site. SGA assumes no liability for a housing agency and does not reimburse any rental costs already paid. A possible refund must be agreed with the partner or the landlord on site.

§14 Liability Restrictions

14.1 SGA has no liability for any lack of services performed by the partner organization during the program abroad. In addition, SGA has no liability for any occasions which are not part of their responsibilities (granting scholarships, insurance services, etc). Any activities of the participants prior to, during or after their stay abroad are at their own risk.

14.2 SGA and its staff are not liable for any damages caused by third party persons. This also applies to traffic accidents, criminal assaults and other life risks caused by the social situation-specific for the host country. The participant is obligated to collect sufficient country information prior to the beginning of the program. This especially applies to all volunteer travels.

14.3 The partner of SGA is not obliged to take over liability for any damages caused by the participant during the stay abroad. If the participant violated the code of conduct of the partner organization or SGA, the participant cannot change the program. In such cases, SGA and its partner organizations are authorized to exclude the participant from any further services.

14.4 Participants recognize the responsibilities and risks associated with their choice to travel to a foreign country. In particular, volunteer work, adventure travel, and internships abroad involve a certain amount of foreseeable and unforeseeable risks, which are fully covered by the participant. Therefore, SGA, including all employees, managers, directors, host families and independent local organizations and teams, shall not be liable for any damages or losses incurred directly or indirectly by participants. This may include, but is not limited to, personal injury, emotional injury, death, illness, damage or loss of property, natural disasters, hostage situations, war, terrorism, compensation.

§15 Insurance

SGA does not provide the applicant with insurance of any kind. International health insurance, indemnity insurance, and accident insurance are mandatory for the whole period of every participant. The participant has to get acquainted with the medical guidelines, vaccinations or other risks associated with the travel to the host country. SGA recommends obtaining appropriate insurance for your travel abroad.

§16 Testimonials

SGA is constantly striving for high-performance services. Every feedback helps to improve service performance. Participants are welcome to hand in a written report (DIN A 4) with pictures and videos. In principle, all testimonials will not be rewarded. However, it is within SGA discretion to reward a testimonial with 30 USD and to publish the report at their web presences. For this purpose, SGA has to right to change phrases to a small extent and can edit pictures. The participant agrees to transfer the copyright for text and images to SGA.

§17 Limitation

The regular statutory limitation period shall apply to this contract and the contracting parties. A limitation period of 1 year applies to companies or salespersons.

§18 Governing Law

These terms and conditions and the service provided pursuant to these terms and conditions will be governed by the laws of Singapore and the parties submit to the non - exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore Courts.

§19 Force Majeure

SGA has no liability for any lack of performance, unavailability or failure of the services or its website, or for any failure of SGA to comply with these Terms and Conditions, where the same arises from any cause reasonably beyond the control of SGA.

§20 Personal Data

The participant agrees that SGA will forward the personal data (application, resumé, newsletter etc.) to host companies and partner organizations during the placement process or booking procedure.

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