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Travel Preparation ++ Volunteer ++ Internship ++ Great Britain

Travel Planning to England: Are You Ready?

Before traveling to a foreign country, you want to be fully prepared. Here are little guides summed up just for you!


London Heathrow is the biggest airport in Europe. And apart from this, there exist four other international airports in or around the capital which ensure a good connection to different countries worldwide.


The Department of Foreign Affairs recommends immunization against meningococcus C for children and students until the age of 24. Like in Germany, this immunization belongs to the standard immunization.


For the time of your internship or voluntary, you are required to have a valid overseas health insurance. Before concluding any insurance, you should inform yourself accurately about the offered insurance benefits and especially if a return transport to Germany is guaranteed. Studentsgoabroad recommends ADAC and MLP. Climate in England is moderate, characterized by heavy rainfalls, warm summer, and cool winter. In the summertime, the temperature is at an average of 20°C, noticing that the southern and central areas have the highest temperatures whereas the north is colder. The winter is characterized by rainfall and strong winds causing the temperatures to range between -10°C and 15°C. Therefore, you need to take suitable clothes depending on your destination and period of traveling.

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