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Internship ++ Volunteer ++ Mauritius

Internship in Port Louis? What to Do?

Enjoying the island life while gaining international working experiences is a must, when you have decided to do an internship in Mauritius, Port Louis!

Port Louis is the capital of Mauritius. Located in the western part of the island, with approximately 200,000 inhabitants, it is the largest city in Mauritius. To the north it directly borders the Indian Ocean at Port Louis. The capital is not only the economic center, but also the cultural center. When you walk through the streets, you see living proof that peaceful coexistence between different cultures and religions is very possible.

The resident's main port and the nearby airport of Port Louis has developed into a diverse economic center. Here you will find all that your heart desires. The open market near the port invites you to browse among a wide range of items from around the world. The economic Port Louis provides good job opportunities in various industries. This is a great benefit to you as international interns are in high demand.

If you live and work in Port Louis, you will know firsthand just how lively this city can be. During rush hour it gets quite busy: scooters and cars jostle through the small streets to bring their occupants to work on time and tourists scurry to the sights while street vendors try to convince them of the best holiday bargains. Between the peak hours you can check out the architectural relics of the colonial era or visit the ethnic neighborhoods and taste the local delicacies. In the evenings Port Louis has much to offer: Countless restaurants, bars and clubs invite you to turn the day into night.

Must-Sees in Port Louis:

La Citadel Fort Adelaide

Blue Penny Museum

Government House

Le Caudan Waterfront

Aapravasi Ghat

Minakshi Temple

Port Louis Race Track

Central Market

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