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Peniche : What's Good to Know

Before interning to Peniche, Portugal, it will be better to have a little insight into the city!

Peniche is one of the top hotspots for water enthusiasts in Europe. Located approximately 100 kilometers north of Lisbon on the Atlantic coast, Peniche offers over 20 different surf spots for all levels of experience. Depending on the season, surfers will find a variety of conditions. In the summer you’ll find rather smaller waves, but warm water and many beach parties that go until dawn. The cold water and regular storms in winter bring ideal conditions for big waves. Peniche offers you a wide range of activities. The perfect place for your adventure!

Your Accommodation in Peniche

Peniche really is the place to be! An internship here comes with our all-inclusive carefree package. Here you do not have to worry about your accommodation. In Peniche you will live in a shared house close to the surfing and diving school. You will share a house with your internship colleagues. There is also a spacious communal kitchen for you. Often the evenings here are very long, with cooking, eating and lots of laughing.

Sightseeing in Peniche

Peniche is considered the surfing mecca of Europe. Everyone finds the right wave here and the weather also plays along. In the summer you have the perfect warm temperatures with a refreshing wind to cool you off. The winters are mild and the coastal town still offers more than sun, sand and waves. Discover the cultural highlights of the area.

Fortaleza de Peniche

As early as the 16th century the fortress was built in Peniche with the aim of protecting Portugal from attacks from the sea. Together with the fort of Consolação and the fortress of São João Baptista, which is situated on the outlying Berlenga Island, this was also largely achieved. Later, the fortress was converted into a prison. Today, there is a museum that tells the exciting story of the adventurous eruption of communist leader Alvaro Cunhal.

Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Ajuda

The oldest church in this area is the Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Ajuda. It dates back in the 16th century and is dedicated to Sao Vincente. Following the tradition, it was built on the ruins of an older church. It is worth seeing the old, gilded wooden carving, the painted chest of drawers, and the Azulejotafeln, which show parts of the life of the Virgin Mary.

Gruta da Furninha

Not far from the coastal town is the Gruta da Furninha. In English, this means 'The Little Grotto'. It served as a refuge and was later used as a necropolis. Researchers found here bones of the Neanderthals, which can be seen today in the Museum of Peniche. The Grotto is about 15 meters above sea level and can be reached by stairs from the coast road for visitors.

Praja dos Supertubos

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Peniche is the surf spot par excellence in Europe. Turquoise blue water with the perfect waves, fine, flat falling sandy beach and pure sun are everything the surfer heart desires. Especially because of the tubular, long-lasting waves, the sandy subsoil as well as the harbor walls, which protect against disturbing winds, this beach section is so popular among surfers worldwide. Not only because of the annually professional contest, the RipCurl Pro, the best surfers from all around the world are bustling here.

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