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Internship in Tenerife

Have you ever thought about gaining work experience as an intern on Tenerife? Read on to see how many things this city has to offer!

With tourism as its main industry, Tenerife offers various professional internship possibilities for students with major subjects in gastronomy or hotel business in general. If you would like to do a hotel internship you can choose to intern in small boutique hotels or even big mainstream resorts. Also, if you prefer to do an internship in another Spanish company on the island, you may find other opportunities matching your interests and skills, such as an internship in a surf school or at a tour company. Whatever is your preference, an internship in Tenerife is an outstandingly unique experience and a perfect opportunity to study Spanish.

Top Internship Branches

Tourismus (Praktikum im Surfcamp)


Social Work

Steamy Facts!

starting from 8 weeks

no special skills required

no Spanish skills required

Internship on the "Island of Eternal Spring"

Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? Long before its two neighboring islands Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura, Tenerife is the biggest and most well-known canary island and notorious for its name “the island of eternal spring”. Close to the African shore, its turquoise bays, vivid red and purple sunsets behind the Las Canadas del Teide and tremendously pleasant temperatures of 20 degree attract over 10 million visitors year by year. Moreover, it offers artillery pro an internship abroad on the Canary Islands. But Tenerife is actually more than an island to relax and laid-back sunbathing. Especially in the West, the Spanish island keeps small secrets that are worth every visit and go way beyond the party and beaches. Let’s have a look at Garachico for example, which once used to be the main trading center in the canary islands; or Puerto de la Cruz, a cozy town where everyday living is not determined by tourism industries as everywhere else on the island. During your internship in Tenerife, you will get to know the delightful flair typical for Canary Island.

Accommodation and Language Course in Tenerife

If you decide to intern in a hotel in Tenerife, you are usually offered an accommodation at the hotel directly. This will definitely save you living costs – but you will live at your work, which does not leave you so much individuality. If you’d rather perform in an internship placement at another Spanish company, you will be given several opportunities ranging from shared flats to service apartments. Living in shared community is always the best choice, as you will live together with other interns or students with whom you can spend you free time after your internship. If you are lucky to live with Spanish students, you will get free lessons in Spanish and can improve your language skills every day. But if you are not quite comfortable communicating in Spanish, you always have the opportunity to do a language course at the start of your internship. Our partner in Tenerife will assist you in organizing a language course for you.

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After your Internship…

Sunbathing, Golfing, and Hiking

If you had always wanted to work in a big resort, this hotel internship will definitely will boost your carrier opportunities. One of the host companies is a big resort, ready to please travelers in over 450 rooms. The hotel gardens offer an exciting mixture of bizarre volcanic landscapes and sun-drenched beaches. Guests can take a relaxing sun-bath or can hike around the volcano. Of course, as an intern you will definitely have the opportunity to get active as well after your internship work is done.

Port Garachico

Garachico, which is situated on the north-west shore of Tenerife, once was the most important commercial port in the Canaries. It seems to be even paradox seeing this peaceful town it is nowadays, which is not in need of tourist masses and big hotels to make a living. Almost every sign of its flourishing history seemed to be vanished. And indeed, Garachico suffered three natural catastrophes within 70 years only: after it was flooded, a town fire burned down the remains, which were finally buried under lava flows, leaving nothing but black sculptures behind. Nevertheless, it is still a delight to visit the modernized harbor if you would like to escape the crowded tourist centers and revive the original canary flair of Garachico.

Surfing in Tenerife?

You would not have guessed, that you can actually ask your airline if sports baggage is included, so you can bring your surfboard. But indeed, thanks to SIAM Park, which is the only waterpark in Tenerife, you can catch some waves after your internship. Well, it won’t be a satisfaction for passionate big wave surfers, but you can have some advanced fun in artificial waves of up to 3 meters.

Plaza de Espana

Plaza de Espana is the biggest public square of the Canaries. A big monument decorates its center, commemorating the fallen soldiers of the Spanish Civil War. In 2008 the square was redesigned so that a water fountain now forms the center of the plaza. Its laid-back atmosphere attracts many visitors.

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