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Internship ++ Volunteer ++ USA

Internship in the USA - Accommodation Information

We have summarized the key points to your best practice guide to housing search in the USA!

Booking a hotel and a car ahead of time, for the first week, has turned out to be the best solution for our US-interns. Thus, one can fully concentrate on your internship planning and lose no time in online apartment searches. In addition, this helps to make the first few days less stressful, so you can fully engage in your new home – after all you will have landed in none other than New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco! Your adrenaline is high and your knees shake. You will need time to digest. Rent a car and you will be mobile and flexible for making appointments to check out your long-term accommodation.

Where To Search

It’s like looking for the needle in a haystack! Where to start in such a huge city? According to our USA interns it is recommended to focus first on the smaller neighboring towns because that is where prices are easily affordable. Secondly, it is recommended to look into residential communities or apartments. Also, there are families who rent out a room in their home to students. This is not only cheaper than a single apartment, but is safe and simply more fun. It really is a lot more relaxed and easier to get by in a foreign country/continent when in a pair or group.

And the Cost?

There are so many options, it really depends on which you choose. You should plan for 600 to 1,000 USD per month, depending on the city.

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