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Travel Preparation ++ Internship ++ USA

Travel Planning to the United States

Before traveling to a foreign country, you want to be fully prepared. Here are little guides summed up just for you!


Whether you choose Los Angeles, Miami or New York, the connection is guaranteed. If you book early enough, you can ensure some cheap flights. At booking portals, you can find flights from 450€ on if you look for it four months in advance. Depending on the destination you are flying to, a stopover somewhere in the USA is included. You should inform yourself carefully about the time you need to be at the airport as there are special security measures for the USA and the check-in takes more time than normal.

Recommended airlines:

US Airways





For the entry to the USA, a valid passport and various other documents are required. As German citizens take part in the ‘Visa Waiver’ -program, you can entry the country for 90 days without a visa if you have besides the passport also a return flight ticket and the electronic entry authorization („Electronic System for Travel Authorization“) ESTA. Since 2010, the ESTA application is chargeable. If you are going to be employed or your stay is more than 90 days, you need to apply for a visa at the American Embassy. Inform yourself early enough, a minimum of three months is recommended, to get detailed information.


The Department of Foreign Affairs recommends an immunization against hepatitis A and B. If you consider to stay long-term stay an immunization against meningococcus is recommended as well. It is possible that you have to proof your immunization. Therefore you should carry your immunization pass with you.


For the time of your internship or voluntary, you are required to have a valid overseas health insurance. Before concluding any insurance, you should inform yourself accurately about the offered insurance benefits and especially if a return transport to Germany is guaranteed. Studentsgoabroad recommends: ADAC and MLP.


Due to the great surface of the country, the climate varies in different parts of the USA. Florida mostly has a tropical warmth whereas the inland and the northern parts only have continental climate. The costs of the USA are heavily shaped by the air masses of the Pacific and the Atlantic. Therefore, you need to take suitable clothes depending on your destination and the date you travel.

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