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My Fifth Week in Bali: Food and Party!

After visiting the beaches and climbing the mountains, I need some refreshment. Here I will talk about the food I usually have and the choice of evening entertainment!

Healthy, Good Food

Usually, my colleagues and I go out for lunch at a Warung. A warung is a kind of small restaurant where traditional Indonesian food is offered for little money. But every now and then you need a change of course.

Tip: My colleagues and I discovered a new location for our lunch break, not far from our work, "The Smoothie Shop Café". In contrast to the Warungs, the prices there are already quite high. But in return, you are offered very fresh and high-quality food, which is exclusively vegetarian.

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Unexpected Party-Weekend

On Friday evening I met up with a friend with whom I had gone on a weekend trip a few weeks earlier and went to the waterfalls. We met up with his friend in his hostel. He took us to a bar in Seminyak, where a friend of his was celebrating his birthday. I had no idea what kind of bar it was. In the end, I ended up in one of the hottest gay bars in Bali, the "Maxwell Gay Bar". It was super fun though. The music was good and there were several drag shows. The first time I go out to party and then I end up in a gay bar. That's not something you do every day!

Tip: After that, we moved on to the club "La Favela", which is probably very popular. We arrived there at 2 o'clock and stayed for only one hour. From there I can't judge the club completely, except that it was mega full and the people as well. I could see that especially well because one minute I was talking to an Australian who more or less threw up in front of my feet the next minute. So much for that!

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Saturday, Went On!

Tip: On Saturday I decided to go shopping after getting up in Kuta. Since I didn't feel like driving so far by scooter, I ordered an Uber (a cheaper alternative to a taxi) to the "Beachwalk Shopping Center".

Tip: I heard about the Sky Garden quite often. It's a huge club on four floors - in Kuta - where you can eat and drink as much as you want for 100.000 IDR (approx. 7 €) entrance fee from 17 - 21 o'clock. I decided to try it after my shopping tour. Also here it was very full. But the waiting at the buffet was worth it, as there was a big choice and it was also very tasty. On the Rooftop, I got into a conversation with some Italians. They took me to another location. In the Balinese style - three of us on a scooter (but only for 200 meters) - we went to a music café. Around midnight I wanted to go home again with a Uber. That turned out to be not so easy. Because it can also happen that the drivers jump off. After over an hour I gave up and ordered a GO-JEK.

Tip: GO-JEK is a service company that transports pretty much everything with a driver and scooter, e.g. passengers, food, furniture...etc. A great transport possibility for so many things.

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