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My Internship in Bali! : Experience "Nyepi", the Silent Festival

Nicky was lucky enough to be in Bali when the annual festival took place, and she was happy to share her incredible experience with you!

For about one week I am now on the beautiful island BALI, which is also called the island of the gods. A paradise for globetrotters, vacationers, and surfers.

It all started with the flight of my life, which was a real challenge with a complete flight time of about 15 hours. But the anticipation and curiosity about what to expect made it a little more bearable for me - despite the fear of flying. When the plane finally landed in Denpasar (Bali), the adventure could begin.

After my pick-up service welcomed me friendly and transported my luggage into the car, I could get an impression of the Balinese driving style directly on the way to my accommodation. IMPRESSING and EXCELLENT at the same time! And this is where I should, or rather must I ride my scooter? That could be something, I thought to myself. But I was previously assured by my internship that the way to my work is short and not very traffic-intensive. Since I arrived on a Friday, I was lucky enough to get over my jet lag and explore my immediate surroundings.

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The Balinese New Year!

On Monday I started my first day at work. Here too, I was warmly welcomed by my superiors and colleagues. In addition, I couldn't have chosen a better time for my arrival, as the Balinese New Year's Day took place in the first week.

This is called Nyepi, the day of silence, and goes from 6 o'clock in the morning until 6 o'clock the following morning. Almost everything is forbidden on that day. The locals are not allowed to leave their apartments/houses and the holidaymakers are not allowed to leave their hotels. Even my complex was locked so that nobody could go out - or maybe come in? All shops, businesses, and restaurants remain closed. Also, all road and air traffic are closed, activities are prohibited and no noise is allowed. No lights may be lit after dark. Holidaymakers must draw their curtains so that no visible light can escape outside.

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What is Behind the Nyepi Festival?

Here is a little clarification about this tradition, which I personally find quite cute: On the day before Nyepi Day, ceremonies are held all over the island with very large scary cardboard figures, the so-called Ogoh-Ogoh. In addition, there is a confusing sound of different instruments like rattles and drums. With this combination, the evil spirits are supposed to be driven off the island. Through the day of silence, the demons and evil spirits are to be made to believe that Balinun is deserted and it is not worthwhile to stay on this island. Near the Jimbaran Beach, one of these ceremonies took place, to which I went with a colleague. Afterward, we let the evening fade away relaxed at the sea.

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