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Testimonial ++ Internship ++ USA

Jana Goes to California! : Media Internship in America

Besides fulfilling her dream of going to America, Jana also got an internship position perfect related to her study background; take a look at her journey!

" I would've done nearly anything to get the opportunity to go to California, and I got the best."

Living the Californian Life

All in all, my life in the US is completely different from my life in Germany. The biggest difference is how people treat each other. Here, everybody is very friendly and it is easy to find new friends. Smiling and greeting people all around and lots of small talk everywhere you go determine your day. Especially in the gym you will get in touch with other sportspeople and I am already invited to Halloween and Thanksgiving dinners by people I have only known for a short time.

Endless Beaches and Hollywood

Besides the people, the scenery is just as mesmerizing: sandy, rocky mountains next to endless beaches and palm trees at the sides of the roads. It's 30 degrees Celcius warm most of the time and the nights are also really mild (even though it's November!). San Diego, San Fransisco, and Las Vegas are not too far apart and it's definitely worth a few weekend trips! However, Los Angeles offers many free-time activities, they've got Disneyland, the Universal Studios, Walk of Fame, and of course, Hollywood! You will never get bored in LA. Besides those places, shopping in LA is pretty dreamy too! Giant outlets are everywhere, offering everything in your imagination. I was astonished, especially added by the fact that most of the shops are cheaper than shops in Germany.

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My Internship

As much as I enjoy my free time and California, I also love my internship! I am very happy with my supportive team. Since day one, never have I felt like an outsider. I was included in projects and was let deal with the clients. I personally think it was such a nice gesture. I like being a valuable member of the company. My co-workers have been really supportive to me since the beginning to the end.

Malibu is a quite pricy place for living and eating (except for junk food). So you really need to make sure that you are prepared financially. I am currently sharing a flat with another girl and two guys, we are all getting along so well. Everything worked out better than I could have imagined.

The Beautiful Beaches of NYC

I spent most of my free time on the beautiful beaches of NYC. I had never thought of beaches and New York before I actually experienced it myself, but in my opinion, it was one of the best things about it. Only half an hour away from Manhattan is the beautiful Long Beach in Long Island, but also the Jacob Riis Beach in Brooklyn is a nice refreshment during the hot summer months when the temperature is often more than 30 degrees Celcius.

There are so many activities you can do in the town too, besides the beaches: Bars, Clubs, Parks. My little insider tip; rent a kayak for FREE at the Hudson River, peer 26, every Sunday. At the Hudson River, you can also find the 'Honorable William Wall', a bar that can only be reached by taking a small boat. Next, you have to make sure to visit all the sight-seeing spots. I had been traveling quite a lot as well, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Washington D.C, and the Niagara Falls because the gas as well as domestic flights are very cheap.

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Los Angeles is a great destination for partying, too! There are SO many clubs and most of them can be entered by girls, for free! My English has improved a lot since I have been here.

to Conclude

All I can say is that this is the time of my life that I am very grateful for every single day. The visa process took a lot of time and patience but it was WORTH the wait. In this beautiful environment, I have not got homesick yet, but in case I miss home, I can always go to Skype! So guys, go for it! Apply for an internship abroad and have the time of your life. This experience is priceless.

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