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Internship in England - The FAQs

The internships offered in London are not paid, but your employer will pay your travel expenses and your food during your internship. If you do an internship in the area of Sales, in some cases you might even receive a salary based on commission.

Most of our internships offered are full-time positions ( Monday till Friday, approximately 9 am to 5 pm). The companies are able to adjust your working schedule individually if you like to study or work part-time besides your internship.

The first contact partner shall always be your personal program coordinator in London. The coordinator can provide immediate help and assistance. But you can also contact us in Berlin at any time. We are reachable via telephone as well as email.

Currently, our partner is only cooperating with companies based in London. Therefore your internship will take place in the greater area of London

We offer internships in various fields, for instance in Accounting, Banking, Insurances, Customer Service, Fashion, Human Resource, IT & Internet, Law, Marketing, Research & Development, Advertisement, PR, Media and New Media, Design, Charity, Real estate, Sales, Administration, Telecommunications, Logistics, Travel, and Lifestyle. Most of the companies are small to medium-sized companies. Your chosen internship will provide you with challenging and responsible tasks. We make sure to not offer internships, which require you to only cook coffee and copy papers. You will be fully integrated into the daily and essential working tasks of the company.

London offers a great variety of accommodations for you, from staying with a host family to sharing a flat with other students. It is relatively easy to find a shared flat via the internet once you have arrived in London. We advise you to visit and see the rooms you are interested in personally to avoid scams where you will be asked to transfer money before even seeing the room. We would recommend you to first short stay with a host family and then start looking for shared flats.

Politeness is of great importance in England, nonetheless, you might find exceptions. Keep in mind to use many phrases like “please”, “thank you” and “excuse me”, especially when asking questions. Also, the word “sorry” is very important. The British tend to apologize many times even without a particular reason. Jumping the line is unacceptable and will not be forgiven, as most of the British people would never do so, no matter how busy it is. Waiting patiently in line can be seen as a national sport with great enthusiasm. To cite George Mikes: “An Englishman, even if he is alone, forms an orderly queue of one.”

Pubs are closing between 11 pm and 1 am, most of the time even sooner. Clubs, in general, are open until 3 am. Therefore it is advisable to go out as early as possible to be able to enjoy a full night partying without any disappointments. When going to clubs or bars keep in mind to not dress too casual, especially wearing sneakers is a no-go. Even though all clubs have a cloakroom, most of the British people do not make use of it and prefer to enter the club in rather light clothing.

London offers great discounts for students. Even in restaurants or shops, you might be able to receive a discount. All you need for this is an international student card.

London´s climate is very mild. In some parks you might even find palm trees and almost all year round you will see flowers blooming. In the summer months it can get very hot. The famous rumors about England´s heavy rainfall is not always true.

The universal emergency number is 999. You may call this number for any kind of emergency: police, ambulance, fire department, and sea rescue. All EU-citizens are applicable for a free of charge treatment at the NHS (National Health Service). In case of an emergency, you should go to the 24-hour available emergency rooms of one of the hospitals. Only for dental care co-payments need to be made. It is always advisable to purchase worldwide insurance coverage for the duration of your stay prior to departing your home country.

London has a great underground system. It is recommended to check your routes before you travel because some routes might be closed due to construction works. This usually takes place on the weekends. If you have some more time and patience and prefer a cheaper option, London´s buses might be the right option for you. The buses go regularly and once you understood their routes, getting around London will be very easy. At night the best option would be a cab. Be aware of the fact, that only the black cabs are licensed and trustworthy.

If your initial internship lasts less than 12 months it is possible to extend it to a maximum duration of 12 months. In that case, however, an additional fee is due for a new DS-2019 form.

Yes, the Greenwich Mean Time is one hour ahead of the Central European Time. Summer- and wintertime are the same as in Central Europe.

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