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5 Reasons to Do an Internship Abroad to Canada !

Here are 5 reasons from Students Go Abroad's insight into why you should take Canada as a shot to start your internship journey!

Either we are crazy or just totally uninformed! The issue of a visa for Canada is over and the precious 4200 Working Holiday Visa is passé, finito. We may be a little crazy, but we can assure you that we are well informed about the visa situation. So much so that we still have a joker in our pocket. Did you know that you can also do a voluntary internship in Canada? This is only a small reason why you should bridge the time between graduation and studies with a trip to Canada.

Visa Made Easy

As mentioned above, a Volunteer program offers a meaningful bridging opportunity for those spontaneously looking for something straight after high school. The so-called charity visa is relatively unknown and therefore much easier to get. You can undertake an internship for up to 4 months with a corporate charity program.

Short Stay? No Problem!

Usually, you should allow at least 8 weeks for an internship abroad plan, as this will increase your chances at the host company. But as the internships take place in a charity and there are virtually no demands on you, even internships from 4 weeks are possible. Perfect for fresh high school graduates who do not have a lot of savings for a longer stay or just want to schedule a short trip abroad.

Adventure Guaranteed

For the moment you are done sitting behind a school desk, you have had enough of the grey routine that filled your days before this. Now is the time for adventure. And that can be found in Canada, even with a voluntary internship. You can easily choose between placements in the city areas or in rural areas. You can pursue your heart’s desire and volunteer in the field of environment or in animal welfare. In many of these programs, accommodation is provided - to the delight of your purse!

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Preparation for Further Study

In more and more fields of study to complete an internship is something high on the checklist. Even running the risk that your studies may, in fact, be incomplete if you have not undertaken an internship. Sure the studies are stressful enough before you even have to think about the dreaded task of resume writing with such high demands from companies. Within the Volunteer - Program in Canada you can volunteer in a charity company and this time can be counted as an internship. The placement period is also much shorter than the usual time period for an internship and therefore can be done straight after high school before another higher study begins.

Wild, Cheap, Farm Work

Those who do not necessarily have to complete an internship have options to make their trip a little more adventurous. For a much wilder experience than an internship in the city, you can volunteer for farm labor on a local farm. You work between 3 to 4 weeks on a family farm. In return for your work on the horse farm, in the handicraft business or in agriculture you are living together with the family farm in the idyllic British Columbia, Ontario or Quebec. The costs also fall substantially lower than for an internship or Volunteer - Program in Canada as accommodation and meals are always included.

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