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Country Information - Canada

Need more information about Canada before deciding your final step to intern or volunteer there? You're at the right page!

Languages : English, French

Capital : Ottawa

Population : approximately 34.88 million inhabitants (2013)

Government : Federal Parliamentary Representative Democracy under Constitutional Monarchy

Religion : Christianity 67.2%

Size : approximately 9,984,670 km²

Density : 3.5 inhabitants per km²


The first settlement of the Canadian mainland is often referred to be the beginning of the country's history. But experts are still arguing about the exact date of this settlement; basically, the first settlers, the First Nations, are believed to enter the country from the Bering street about 10,000 years ago. 5,000 years later, the Inuit followed their movement. Thus, the restless settlement of Canada which still persists until today already started in its early history.

At the end of the 10th century, the first Europeans have settled. Those were mainly Norwegian sailors or Vikings, who traded imported and local goods with the Natives. With the Italian explorer Giovanni Caboto, who was seeking new trade routes on behalf of the English king, the colonization of Canada began. The British and French settlers were attracted by the rich fishing grounds on the east coast, which was a vital basis for a stable living. But of course, this double occupation of two nations did not work out really smoothly. Eventually, the battle between France and Britain resulted in the Seven Year's War of 1763. France lost most of its possessions in Canada. In 1791, Canada was divided into two provinces by the Constitution: the French-influenced Lower Canada and Upper Canada in the British coined.

On the way to independence, France supported the First World War and the craving for an independent country increased. Finally, Canada was declared independent in 1931 and could break away from Britain politically.

Even if the recent history has repeatedly drawn by clashes between the English and French descent population, Canada is a prime example of excellent functioning multiculturalism.

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