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Internship in Canada - The FAQs

You should apply no later than 12 weeks before your intended starting date in order to optimize your application documents and to find the perfect internship for you. Besides that, you will also need some time to apply for the work permit. This might be a bit difficult since the Canadian Embassy grants Visas through a lottery. Therefore it is not guaranteed that you will receive your visa/work permit. However, we always discuss your possibilities with you before the internship placement.

Intermediate to Advanced level of English and/or French

Desire to learn and improve language skills

Eligible for the required Visa or Work permit according to Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Program application fee

Visa/work permit application fee: approximately 70 € – 115 € depending on exchange rates

Medical insurance for duration of the program: 10 €, per week

Flight (depending on departure and arrival cities)

Airport Reception: 65 € – 90 €, depending on city

Accommodation: 500 € – 615 €/ month depending on meals, dorm, host family)

Transportation: monthly public transportation passes range from 60 € –110 € depending upon location

Most of the shops are open from Monday to Wednesday between 9 am to 5.30 pm and from Thursday to Saturday between 9 am to 9 pm. But there are no scheduled opening hours. A lot of shops are open until late and at the weekends. Especially in the tourist centers, the shops are also open on Sundays.

Participants in this program receive valuable, international and academic work experience which will help boost their careers to the next level.

If you are not lucky enough to get a visa/work permit from the Immigration in Canada, don’t worry. With the C50 permit which is issued for participating in a charitable or religious organization, anyone who is at least 18 years old can get a work permit without long waiting times and application processes. Participating is possible from 4-16 weeks (City Charity Program) or 2-12 weeks (Wilderness Program).

These organizations offer internships in a wide range of fields, from working actively in animal and environmental protection to working in marketing, biology, psychology, research, nutritional counseling and many more. Almost every internship field can be covered by a volunteer program plus you don’t have to worry about the long visa application process. In addition, internships may be recognized by universities.

A C50 permit can only be applied for through the internship program of a school or an agency (StudentsGoAbroad or its partner organization in Canada).

The prerequisites are:

Intermediate to advanced language skills in English or French

Minimum age of 18 years

Working time of 20-40 hours per week

Interns in the field of animal or environmental protection should be physically fit and not have any seasonal/environmental allergies

Invitation from a charity organization in Canada

Internships and volunteer programs based on the C50 permit are, without exception, charitable projects and will not be remunerated.

However, you will have the great opportunity to develop yourself in your area of ​​study or interest - as well as personally - and to apply and improve your language skills in English or French.

With a working holiday visa: up to 12 months

With a work permit: up to 12 months

With a C50 visa: up to 16 weeks (longer stays have to be agreed on)

Western Canada (EN)

Central Canada (EN)

French Canada (FR)

You have the option of booking a placement service that will organize a host family for you. Staying with a Canadian host family provides you with a great cultural exchange as well as 2 or 3 meals per day. Participants often stay in homes with other international students. A private room, internet access and all the comforts of home are provided. Many interns and volunteers are looking for accommodation on their own either in advance or on-site.

We always recommend the Meet & Greet Arrival Package for your arrival (only necessary for Wilderness Volunteer Programs). You will be welcomed at the airport and brought to your hostel. After breakfast on the following day, you will be guided to the bus or train station or a shuttle will be organized for you. Your arrival, which is already included in the fee, depends on the location of your farm or wilderness program and the distance to the closest airport. You will discuss all this in a Skype orientation with your local coordinator prior to your arrival. The fee for the Arrival Pack is 150 Euro.

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