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Educational experiences tailored to your needs

Educational experiences

tailored to your needs

At StudentsGoAbroad, we believe that educational travel is a life-changing experience that everyone should have the opportunity to experience. As an international agency specializing in internships, study programs, and volunteer projects, we are committed to helping students and young professionals pursue their passions and gain valuable new experiences. Our team offers personalized support and customized placements, making the process smooth and tailored to your needs.

Internship Search

No internship is like the other. We will assist you to find the most suitable internship abroad for you. In our trip finder you will find internship positions, where we have placed former interns successfully.

Travel Programs

Besides internship programs we also offer volunteer programs, adventure tours and semester abroad programs. All SGA programs are carefully chosen meaningful travel opportunities.


Before we start the placement process we will check if placement in your desired internship is possible. In case the internship host company does no accept your application, we will help to find alternatives.

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More than just internships.

Adventure travel in the US? Or working in a volunteer project in Bali? Whatever you dream of, our team will help to make it a reality.

Become one of thousands of SGA alumni.

Become one of

thousands of SGA alumni

Over the past 13+ years we have assisted thousands of volunteers, interns, and aspiring professionals to fulfill their dream of going abroad. Read the testimonials from a few of our proud alumni. Make sure to book your consultation if you have any questions.

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Adventure tour participant in Australia

"Just a year ago I was sitting at home, doubting whether I would even manage to go to Australia on my own, and now it has become a reality. That's why I'm so grateful to have booked the trip through Studentsgoabroad, because I don't have to worry about anything and don't have to worry about anything going wrong. I had a super nice contact person who arranged everything for me and answered every single question in detail!"

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HR Internship in London, England

"During my internship, I was responsible for the internal recruitment for the associated company in New York and guided potential candidates through application procedures. Working in Waterloo at the London Eye, I often spent my lunch breaks with colleagues at the shore. As I worked for a company with mostly younger staff, it was sort of easy for me to get acquainted or befriend my British colleagues. Even some of them are still my good friends up to now, and I am certain that we will have the chance to meet again in the future."

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Law Internship in London, England

"It's like seeing the other side of London; I had a hard time saying goodbye, I made such lovely friends and family who were so dear to me."

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Marketing Internship in Sydney, Australia

"I really have to say that my time in Australia could not have been any better. I have experienced amazingly much and taken all of that back with me to Germany – memories, friendships and knowledge. Even though it might be hard at first to take such a huge step, I can only advise everyone to muster all of their courage and go abroad. No one can ever take this experience from you and it makes you grow, you become wiser and more confident. And above all, you will never forget this time because there is no way it will not take your breath away!"

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Biotech Internship in Valencia, Spain

"The time in Valencia was simply unforgettable. I learned an incredible amount both professionally and interculturally. I also met many great people with whom I hope to stay in contact for a long time. I can only recommend to everyone to dare going on a similar journey at least once in their life."

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Politics Internship in Dublin, Ireland

"My time in Ireland flew by! As an intern at a global NGO in Dublin, I've been learning about issues like corruption and how to fight it. The country really fascinated me, already after a short time there. The people were incredibly warm, open and very helpful."

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Media Relations Internship in New York, USA

Last year I contacted Studentsgoabroad, determined to find an internship in New York. They've been very helpful from the very beginning, guiding me through all the processes, which are more complicated and expensive than expected and answering all questions (in my case like hundreds of thousands) in less than 24 hours. Soon after joining the program, I had two successful interviews with companies in the USA. During my stay, I've learned a lot. It's been a continuous learning process and I have developed and grown tremendously. Don't be afraid to ask and propose new ideas!

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IT Volunteer in the Dominican Republic

“To conclude, I can say that these five weeks had been such a leading, exciting, and great experience which I’d highly recommend to each one of you, especially fresh graduates who want to broaden your horizons and are full of zest for action.”

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Volunteer in Barcelona, Spain

"I worked for a non-profit organization (NGO). Sometimes surfing and yoga events were also held along with beach cleaning. To me, it was mostly about having fun while doing something good for the planet."

The registration process

Three steps to your internship & volunteering abroad


Create your profile

The first step is to create a profile and add your preferences for the internship. The travel details during the registration are non-binding and serve us as a first orientation. Also, no payment is necessary for this step!


Book free consultation

Next, you can schedule your consultation with us! Here we will answer all questions, and provide you with information on how your desired internship experience abroad can be realized. Of course this meeting is free of charge!


Secure your placement

Once all the requirements for your internship or volunteer service are met, we can start the placement process and send your application to our team abroad. This step is mandatory and a deposit is required.