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Country Info: Costa Rica

Little insight into Costa Rica, summarized by Students Go Abroad!

Capital: San José

Area: approx. 51,100 km²

Population: 4,075,261 (2006)

Population density: 80 people per km²

Religion: Christians: 90%, others 10%

National language: Spanish

Form of government: presidential republic

Climate: tropical

Currency: Colón

Size of the Country

Costa Rica has an area of 51,100 km². The country borders Nicaragua in the north and Panama in the south. The Caribbean is to the east and the Pacific to the west. The capital San José has approximately 339,588 inhabitants.


Costa Rica has a population of 4,075,261 people. The population is made up of 94% mestizos and whites, 3% blacks and other population groups. In addition to the Spanish language, the locals also speak Creole languages. The majority of the population consists of descendants of Spanish immigrants. The most important and largest cities are San José, Heredia, Cartago and Alajuela. The majority of the indigenous population now lives in seclusion and in residual groups in the Cordillera de Talamanca (the largest mountain range in Costa Rica).


The Roman Catholic denomination is the country's state religion. About 90% of the population are Christians (76.7% Roman Catholic, 13.7% Protestants), 1.3% profess to be Jehovah's Witnesses.

National Languages

The official language is Spanish. But there are some peculiarities in Spanish spoken on Costa Rica. For example, there is no difference between "Vos", "tú" and "usted". Creolized English is also spoken among the Costa Rican people of African descent.


The country's climate mainly consists of the rainy and dry seasons. The rainy season is from May to November, the dry season from December to April. The weather is tropical.

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