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Testimonial ++ Internship ++ Spain

Internship Abroad to Barcelona? Check Out Wendy's Experience in This Brief Interview!

From Her Daily Tasks to Favorite Getaway, Wendy Answers 10 Questions About Her Lovely Internship Experience in Barcelona!

1. Thinking about your last two weeks spent in Barcelona, what will be your best three words to describe the city?

Amazing, Multicultural, Complete (You Got All that You Need!)

2. Did you face any doubt before deciding to leave? If so, tell us about it!

A lot! It was not only my first time going abroad, but also my first getting on a plane and being without my family. However, my doubts were soon vanished as soon as StudentsGoAbroad assisted and supported me in making my dreams come true. The colleagues I got at work were also amazing!

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Footage of Wendy in Barcelona during Her Internship Period

3. How did you prepare your Internship in Barcelona?

I practiced my English, read a lot about Barcelona as a city and its culture, and I booked a flat way beforehand based on a friend's recommendation.

Footage of Markus in Barcelona during His Internship Period

4. Tell us more about the company you are doing your internship with!

I am working in a quite big company, with a multicultural workforce, whose aim is to convey luxury hotels. My colleagues are from all over the world: Germany, Russia, Italy, France, England, the USA, and many more!

It is so different from my hometown, and I feel like I just want to stay here forever :)

5. How about your tasks as an intern?

I am part of the Marketing Department, where I am in charge of the hotel's correspondences. I am responsible for parity of prices and some administrative tasks, like answering e-mails and phone calls. But I also help negotiate and settle deals with new hotels.

6. Can you tell us about your typical day in Barcelona?

Of course! Normally, I will be awake by 8 in the morning, take a quick shower, and walk to my workplace as it's very close to my homestay. Then, I will be working from 9 am to 6 pm with an hour break where I have lunch with my colleagues. After work, I will usually do some sports, preferably running. Before going to bed, I'll prepare food for myself.

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7. What do you like and dislike about your Internship so far?

What I definitely love is the strong multiculturism, and the chance I have to improve my English. What I found quite hard to enjoy is the minor challenges of tasks at work, because after a few weeks, the tasks felt gradually tougher.

8. Did you find it easy with others, especially during your first few weeks?

Yes, I found it very easy to socialize and befriend others, because in Barcelona, people are very friendly, open-minded, and communicative. In addition to that, I also happened to share my flat with Latino sweethearts, whom I really like.

9. Where is your favorite place to spend the free time?

I love the karaoke-bar! :) I also love the area of Barceloneta, the fountain, as well as the Parc de la Ciutadella for a run or a walk around.

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10. Do you enjoy Barcelona?

Yes, and it really feels like home! I love the people, the places, the food, well, everything!

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