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Internship Abroad in Mauritius: The FAQs

Here we have compiled the most frequently asked questions with the appropriate answers. If you are still not sure, you can always contact us.

The offered internships on Mauritius are generally not remunerated. Only in exceptional cases, one gets small pocket money and/or a transport and lunch allowance. But it is better not to rely on this and one should consider this in one's budget planning.

As it is the case in every bigger city in the world, Mauritius is also not free from crime. Thus, one should take good care of one's belongings and not take any expensive valuables. But there is no need to be afraid while strolling through the streets.

This is fine but is associated with increased costs from your provider. It's better to get a local SIM card (prepaid) and use Internet programs to call home.

Yes, the tension is the same. Nevertheless, there is our plug system and partly still the British plug with 3 poles. If you want to be on the safe side, just take an adapter with you.

All additional travel costs such as flight, accommodation, or language courses are not included.

We generally offer different areas for internships, which are listed below:


Financial Accounting

Event Management



Hospitality and Service

Trade and Distribution



Insurance Industry

Yes, because first of all this is indispensable for communication with colleagues.

In principle, it is not necessary to take a rental car or scooter, as public transport is very cheap. Longer tours are offered by many organizations. If you still want to take a rental car, our local partner will be happy to help you. To rent a scooter you need an international driving license, which you can get for about 20 Euro in Germany.

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