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Accommodation ++ Internship ++ Ireland

Living in Ireland? Here's a Brief Accommodation Information

Never been to Ireland is not a problem, here we have summed up brief insight into accommodation options for your stay in Ireland

There are opportunities to rent your own apartment in Ireland. Furthermore, we offer a stay in a host family. In most instances, the host family accommodation is a single room with half board, which includes breakfast and dinner. Sometimes the host families offer a full board or accommodation in a two-beds room, but this is revealed in advance.

Specific requirements which have to be met by our host families include:

Single room, otherwise this must be clearly marked

The bedroom should have a bed with a standard size, as well as a desk and a lamp

It may be located up to three interns at the same time with the family

It may not be the same native interns are placed with the family (unless so desired by the trainee)

Bed linen and towels should be changed weekly

The laundry should be washed every week by the intern with the laundry of the family (does not include the brackets)

More detailed information can be accessed by contacting us.

Accommodation and Fees

Accommodation in a host family, half board: 190 Euro (twin room), 210 Euro (single room)

Accommodation in a host family, full board: 210 Euro (twin room), 230 Euro (single room)

Accommodation in a host family, self-catering: 160 Euro (single room)

Shared flat, self-catering: 200 Euro (twin room), 250 Euro (single room)

The price is per person per week.

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