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Volunteering Abroad : The FAQ

StudentsGoAbroad is a product of Lumen Media Pte. Ltd. and offers mediation services into the travel services of second-party organizations. The following terms and conditions apply for every participant using the mediation services of StudentsGoAbroad.

Helping communities and engaging in meaningful social actions with simple tasks in a sustainable way. These are the core tasks of volunteer work abroad which primarily support local communities and organizations, protect the flora and fauna or open up new perspectives for the future. No matter how you are going to use your abilities, your intention should always be a matter of the heart. If you are motivated and open to new situations, a unique journey into the history, cultural diversity and lifestyles of our world awaits you!

Basically anyone who is ready for a new challenge and has reached the age of 18 years is eligible for being a volunteer. Since there are also volunteer projects that don't require any special skills or special training, high school graduates or apprentices can also take part.

Some programs are available with a minimum duration of 2 weeks. Especially if volunteer programs don't require any special skills it is possible to travel abroad for a short time. These programs have a very specific task description and schedule which allows you to contribute in a sustainable way for a short period of time. Such programs are often limited to nature or wildlife conservation programs, simple crafting or teaching activities.

Yes, the local organization will gladly issue a certificate at the end of the program.

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