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Testimonial ++ Internship ++ Spain

Incredible Trip to Barcelona with my Family!

After only two weeks of planning, Conny traveled with her husband and their two children to Barcelona for five months. What a wonderful life!

About My Situation

I decided to study 4 semesters ago when I was 29 years old and was about to start my practical semester. Since I already have two children, I felt the need to live abroad with my family before we would be bound to Germany for a longer period of time due to compulsory schooling. With a bunch of doubts about whether we would not be overburdened with this project, the search for an internship in Spain began.

Just take the opportunity once again to live and work abroad. That was the plan!

I would rate my Spanish knowledge in general rather in the direction of B1. Ordering good food, not so good to discuss the business area with colleagues, but in the back of my mind my inner self was bawling "the sky is the limit" and so even this little hitch didn't make me deviate from my goal.

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As the semester approached and my success in job interviews was rather poor, I decided to look for an internship through the placement agency Studentsgoabroad. I had already made good experience with this in the past and therefore filled out the online form immediately. Within one hour I got a call back.

I described my situation: Internship in Spain, with little knowledge of Spanish, preferably the day after tomorrow!

To my surprise, I received a message on the same day that I should have a job interview after having read my CV and with more luck than sense I got the message: in 2 weeks I'm off to Barcelona. So I started to plan. 2 weeks is little if you have a to-do list that reaches all the way to Rome - Erasmus application, Bafög application, informing the day-care centre in Germany about the absence of the children, looking for a day-care centre in Spain, looking for an apartment, booking flights etc. In our case, I was lucky to be allowed to "fly" alone, while my husband - even from April on on sabbatical - took care of the rest of our list.

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Go abroad with your family - To Do List

Erasmus Application

Bafög Application

Informing daycare centers in Germany about the absence of children

Search for daycare in Spain

Search for Apartment

Book Flights

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Soft Landing in Barcelona

I don’t know any city that is more attractive for young people than Barcelona. Except from the view of salaries.

Due to many people visiting me, I also saw the many sights of the city: Parc Güell, Sagrada Familia, the boardwalk, the inner city with El Gotic and much more. All in all, I had an unforgettable time in Barcelona and am sure that I want to come back often. I can only recommend this experience. Thanks again to the team of Studentsgoabroad that made this experience possible.

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